Generation Zero – How to Obtain The Eagle Eye Achievement

Quick Guide: How to obtain the achievement ‘eagle eye’ …for those, who find it difficult to find a target in 400m distance.

The Eagle Eye Achievement

This very short guide is for players, who find it difficult to find targets in 400m distance to finish the achievement ‘eagle eye’ (stage 4).

  1. Grab your best hunting rifle and your best scope (i.e. Pvg 90 with 8-16x-scope plus IR)
  2. Travel on Himfjäll to the ‘Kommune Ljuset’ and climb the lookout tower (4120,-430)
  3. Aim west in direction of the ski slope (In best case you see a runner strolling around, behind the fence… If not, return after some time – just like in reality not every hunt is a success…)
  4. Go for it, tiger! (Apocalypse-runners usually need 2-3 hits to break down. If the runner runs away, it almost immediately disappears out of sight, even if your graphic is set on ‘ultra’. Don’t get disappointed, just like a sexual-transmitted-disease, it will return after some time…)
  5. Congratulations! Enjoy your fancy new boots…

Addendum: stage 1 is too simple to mention, stage 2 possible on almost every straight road, stage 3 possible at the airfield.

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