Genshin Impact – In-Depth Thoma Guide

Thoma Guide

Note: Credit goes to Zico64

So firstly, Thoma is a pyro shield character which can potentially have 100% uptime of his shield with enough ER(220% recommended). He can be consider as the 2nd best shielder in the game after zhongli since he can maintain the up time of his shield with both his elemental burst and skill and the shield effect can stack. Recommended level for him is 70/80 so you can have access to talent level 8 so you can have stronger shield.

Now let’s discuss about his constellation.

All of his constellations is QoL for his shield. C4 is the constellation you should aim for since with C4 it will significantly reduce the energy cost of his burst which make it available for you to maintain his shield 100% of the time with proper rotation. C2 is also a fine constellation since it will increased the duration of your shield.

Let’s move on to talent.

His talent priority is Q(burst)>E(elemental skill)>basic attack. Level both Q and E to level 8.You can leave the basic attack at level 6 or unlevel, first. His E will generate shield that scale on thoma HP and apply pyro on the enemy. His Q did what his E does except every second,his shield will apply pyro to enemy until his shield collapse. Take note, his pyro application is slow and his damage scaling is also low so it may be harder to build him as burst sub dps and it is better to play him as shielder and pyro applicator for VV shred.

So we have known all about thoma skill set. now what about his weapon? It is recommended to use ER polearm especially if you use a C0 thoma. Engulfing lightning could be his BIS but it’s better to give that spear to raiden or xiangling and let thoma use the 4 star weapon. My preferences on his spear is Favonius lance since we don’t have any sacrificial polearm in the game. Fav lance has high ER stat and can help thoma in his energy regeneration. The catch can also be used on him but the passive is almost useless on.

Thoma. You can use black tassel on him if you dont have the fav lance, but be sure to use ER sand so thoma can reach the ER requirement.

  • TLDR Engulfing>Favonius Lance>Prototype Starglitter>The Catch>=Black Tassel.

Artifact set on thoma is quite flexible but the best for him at the moment is 2 emblem of severed fate+2 tenacity of milelith. 4 tenacity of milelith doesn’t work on thoma since he have a long cooldown on his skill. You can also use 4 noblesse on him but if you use him on hutao team 2 emblem+2ToM is better.

Lastly I would talk about which character he have a good synergy with and few other comp that i expect he can fit into. Unsurprisingly his best team mate is Hu Tao.

Reason being, hutao favor a shielder rather than healer due to her passive which increase her pyro dmg bonus when below 50% hp. Also, because of thoma slow pyro application, he almost never steal the vaporise damage from hutao. The comp you can try when pairing hutao with thoma is:

  • Hutao-Thoma-Sucrose/Kazuha-Xingqiu

This team provide high dmg ceiling for hutao especially when sucrose/kazuha build with full EM and 4pc veridiscent venerer.

Other team he can fit in is in a geo resonance comp especially for player that dont have zhongli in their arsenal. Since geo comp require a shielder for the resonance to take effect.

Xiao can also utilize him especially if you have c6 thoma since his C6 increase plunge attack by 15%. The team comp that i would suggest: xiao-sucrose/jean-thoma-bennett/any pyro.

Thoma can also fit in any pyro comp though it’s less optimized because bennett and xiangling exist

FAQ: Why use Thoma if I can use Bennett instead?

Spiral abyss consist of two team and you dont have two bennett with you. Bennett is also contested in alot of comp like international childe. So you can put thoma as another safe pick for your other team for example hutao vv team and xiao team.


  • Constelation: C4>=C6>C2=C1
  • Weapon: Engulfing>Favonius Lance>Prototype Starglitter>The Catch>=Black Tassel(Use Er Sand)
  • Talent: Q>E>Auto
  • Artifact: 2pc Emblem+2pc Tom>4no. 4tom Is Bad On Thoma
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