Genshin Impact – Keqing Electro DPS Build

Keqing Electro DPS Build

Keqing can be built in two different ways. This is the one.

Some notes to be considered:

1) For players who are using 4-pc Thundersoother: This can be used for electro-charged team comp or mono-electro team comp. This set has a 35% Dmg modifier which increases all damage from all sources, although that modifier is a bit unstable due to its dependency on the sustainability of Electro aura on enemies.

2) For players who are using 2-pc Thundering Fury and 2-pc Noblesse Oblige: This set is used for Burst/Quickswap AoE Keqing. With this set, you’d want to be using Starward Sword (Q) all the time, which is your main source of DPS with this set.

3) For players who want to use 4-pc Thundering Fury: NOPE!

4) Preferred Skill Combo: ES (don’t activate it) > EB > ES (activate it) > Spam AA > Repeat

Created by Chaffee

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