Genshin Impact – Raiden no Inazuma Tono / Enemy Guide

Raiden no Inazuma Tono Guide

Use this guide to battle the Raiden Puppet to see how Raiden Ei has battled her puppet over the course of hundreds of years.

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When fighting the Shogun, there are two phases that you need to understand as you fight her in the domain. All her attacks will cause Electro DMG.

Her first phase, you will be fighting her in her human form. She will be using either the Musuo Isshin or Engulfing Lightning stance. Take note that she is able to switch stances when she uses Thunderbolt or Eyes of Stillness.

Some of her attacks will summon Magatsu Electroculi / Electroculous. Use fast-hitting attacks to destroy it. It will stun her.

You can fight her while she is not moving. Remember to avoid her attacks as much as possible. She will accumulate Ominous Destiny – 20 Ominous Destiny for every 2 seconds and 40 when the Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto hits you.

The Ominous Destiny has a max value of 900. Once it reaches max, she will enter her Baleful Shadowlord state, starting phase 2.

Upon entering her Baleful Shadowlord form, you need to remember that she will gain stronger attacks, as well having an Electro shield, increasing her elemental resistance. During this form, the active character will lose 20 Energy every 5 seconds. You can generate energy by triggering any elemental reactions, generating 3 Non-Elemental Energy Particles.

Though her shield will be drained by around 0.83% per 10 seconds, I should suggest hit her with Cryo, Pyro and Dendro attacks, since it is her shield’s weakness. Once her shield is gone, she will revert to her human form.

When she cover herself within her palm and blinks away (or when she said “Witness the Final Calamity”), all the party’s energy will be drain, leaving the Flower of Remembrance in the domain. Attack it using Electro or any continuous elemental attacks to activate the shield to generate the shield that will protect you. Once you were unprotected by it, it will be an instant death to your active character, even if it is protected by shield generated by your character.

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