Genshin Impact – What is the Best 4* Weapon for Hu Tao?

Hu Tao rerun is here and this is a short guide for what 4* weapon is best for her!

The Best 4-Star Weapons

  • Deathmatch (BP)
  • Dragons Bane
  • Blackcliff Pole (Starglitter)

Out of these, the best one really depends on your team, weapon refinement and crit rate/dmg.

If you have r5 dragons bane, I would definitely go with that.

If you have Xingqiu on your team with Hu Tao, (which is very recommended) and your crit rate is over 50, I would definitely recommend dragons bane.

If your crit is 30-50, and you have Xingqiu, I would still go with dragonsbane. Just increase your crit rate with better artifact substats.

If you do not have xingqiu or mona, kaeya with high ER can also fill in the spot.

I would recommend using deathmatch/blackcliff pole ONLY if you have really low crit rate or don’t have Xingqiu! (Or if you don’t have dragons bane).

If you do not have any of these 4* weapons, white tassel also works as a place holder.

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