Geometry Dash – 100% Achievement Guide

This is a quick and easy guide for every game achievement for Geometry Dash.


Note: Credit goes to Fyup

These ones are pretty straightforward, you’ll need to complete every main level (except for Geometrical Dominator, Deadlocked and Fingerdash) on both practice- and normal mode.

Stereo Bump
Complete Stereo Madness in Practice mode

Stereo Madness!
Complete Stereo Madness in Normal mode

Oh my way
Complete Back On Track in Practice mode

Back On Track!
Complete Back On Track in Normal mode

Complete Polargeist in Normal mode

Complete Polargeist in Normal mode

Complete Stereo Madness, Back On Track and Polargeist in Normal mode

Complete Dry Out in Practice mode

Dry Out!
Complete Dry Out in Normal mode

All your base…
Complete Base After Base in Practice mode

Base After Base!
Complete Base After Base in Normal mode

Hold on
Complete Can’t Let Go in Practice mode

Can’t Let Go!
Complete Can’t Let Go in Normal mode

Hop Hop…
Complete Jumper in Practice mode

Complete Jumper in Normal mode

Tick Tock
Complete Time Machine in Practice mode

Time Machine!
Complete Time Machine in Normal mode

Complete Cycles in Practice mode

Complete Cycles in Normal mode

Complete xStep in Practice mode

Complete xStep in Normal mode

Complete Clutterfunk in Practice mode

Complete Clutterfunk in Normal mode

Theory of Something
Complete Theory of Everything in Practice mode

Theory of Everything!
Complete Theory of Everything in Normal mode

Electro Time
Complete Electroman Adventures in Practice mode

Electroman Adventures!
Complete Electroman Adventures in Normal mode

Complete Clubstep in Practice mode

Complete Clubstep in Normal mode

Complete Clubstep in Normal mode

Complete Electrodynamix in Practice mode

Complete Electrodynamix in Normal mode

Complete Hexagon Force in Practice mode

Hexagon Force!
Complete Hexagon Force in Normal mode

Blast Power
Complete Blast Processing in Practice mode

Blast Processing!
Complete Blast Processing in Normal mode

Second Theory
Complete Theory of Everything 2 in Practice mode

Theory of Everything 2!
Complete Theory of Everything 2 in Normal mode

Demon Levels

Demon-rated levels are supposed to be harder than normal ones, but they don’t have to be. Below the achievements I will list 39 levels (as you will need to beat Clubstep as well) with secret ways that skip a large amount of the level or that are just really easy.

Reflex Champion
Complete 1 Demon difficulty level in Normal mode

Demon Chaser
Complete 2 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode

The One
Complete 3 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode

Demon Master
Complete 4 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode

Demonic Guardian
Complete 5 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode

Demonic Overmind
Complete 10 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode

Master of Timing
Complete 15 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode

Complete 20 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode

Complete 30 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode

Give me a CHALLENGE!
Complete 40 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode

Easy Demons

  1. ‘The Nightmare’ by Jax
  2. ‘the lightning road’ by timeless real
  3. ‘Speed Racer’ by ZenthicAlpha
  4. ‘Platinum Adventure’ by Jerry Bronze V
  5. ‘Crescendo’ by MasK463
  6. ‘Xstep v2’ by IIINePtunEIII
  7. ‘Death Moon’ by Caustic
  8. ‘Problematic’ by Dhafin
  9. ‘DEMON MIXED’ by RealOggY
  10. ‘Impulse’ by MrCheeseTigrr
  11. ‘Ultra Paracosm’ by iIiRulasiIi
  12. ‘DEMON JUMPER’ by –
  13. ‘MOON ADVENTURE’ by Experience D
  14. ‘Blue Hell’ by LaZye
  15. ‘What is it’ by Booglee
  16. ‘ice cave’ by –
  17. ‘Shiver’ by kale
  18. ‘seeker of demon’ by –
  19. ‘DeaDrop’ by DYSCO
  20. ‘SaDrop’ by DYSCO
  21. ‘WilDrop’ by DYSCO
  22. ‘Horizon Zero’ by Noweek
  23. ‘phjork’ by cerufiffy
  24. ‘iS’ by Grenate
  25. ‘The Flight’ by JerkRat
  26. ‘Hight Rebound’ by DevinCoyote
  27. ‘Ratstep’ by –
  28. ‘C S Q N’ by Bluskys
  29. ’69 machine’ by –
  30. ‘invisible clubstep’ by – (not really invisible)
  31. ‘infinite circles’ by startor
  32. ‘Retro Circles’ by Nacho21

Free Demons (Secret Way)

I figured out it would be easier for both me and you if I linked videos for some of these, so here you go:

  • ‘abcdefghijklmnopqrs’ by NeoSweet – Secret way at 13%, jump in front of the blue pad
  • ‘MasterGame’ by Serponge – Input 98255 as the passcode, you’ll end up at the final stage
  • ‘Depressure’ by Serponge – You just need to click very fast, alternatively use an autoclicker
  • ‘WeoTheory’ by WazE – Do exactly as shown in this video:
  • ‘GREEN DEMON’ by – – Do exactly as shown in this video:
  • ‘Equinox’ by Magic Square – Do exactly as shown in this video:
  • ‘Flappy Weird’ by TheSuperbot – Jump over the ship portal at 25%, then fall down. This is very tricky

There you go, good luck!


The best strategy for star grinding (in my opinion) is to just play levels that you can beat easily and not to play higher star levels that you find difficult. You can also beat every daily level twice, once normally and once in the little daily level tab/menu.

If I’m not wrong, you’ll recieve 150 stars from beating all main levels (not including those who don’t have an achievement) and around 550 stars from the first 30 map packs.

Oh, Shiny!
Collect 100 stars

More stars!
Collect 200 stars

Star Maniac
Collect 300 stars

Master Collector
Collect 400 stars

Epic Collector
Collect 500 stars

Epic Master Collector
Collect 600 stars

Star Factory
Collect 700 stars

Collect 800 stars

Collect 900 stars

Collect 1,000 stars

Was that all of them?
Collect 1,500 stars

Knock knock. Who’s there? STARS!
Collect 2,000 stars

Secret Coins

If you collect every single secret coin (yellow ones) in the main levels (including those who don’t have an achievement) you’ll recieve 63 coins and from all of the map packs you’ll recieve 83 of them. There are also three other secret coins you can find outside levels which I’ll be explaining below the achievements…

Collect 5 Secret Coins

Maybe behind that block?
Collect 10 Secret Coins

I.. Need… MORE!
Collect 15 Secret Coins

We wants it!
Collect 20 Secret Coins

We needs it!
Collect 25 Secret Coins

Must have the precious
Collect 30 Secret Coins

They stole it from us!
Collect 35 Secret Coins

Where Is It?! Where Is It!?
Collect 40 Secret Coins

Thief, thief, thief!
Collect 45 Secret Coins

My Precious…
Collect 50 Secret Coins

There’s more!?
Collect 55 Secret Coins

Found it under a rock!
Collect 60 Secret Coins

Not so secret
Collect 65 Secret Coins

Nothing is secret!
Collect 70 Secret Coins

Finders Keepers!
Collect 75 Secret Coins

The Golden Rule
Collect 80 Secret Coins

Robin Hood
Collect 85 Secret Coins

The Finder
Collect 90 Secret Coins

Tax Collector
Collect 95 Secret Coins

The King’s Vault
Collect 100 Secret Coins

The Secret Secret Coins

  1. Enter ‘sparky’ into the Vault in the settings menu (unlock after collecting 10 user coins).
  2. After entering ‘sparky’, go to the Vault of Secrets in the online/creator menu (unlock after collecting 50 diamonds). Keep talking to the Keymaster until it mentions Sparky, then go to the normal Vault and talk until it mentions Glubfub. Go back to the Vault of Secrets and enter ‘glubfub’ to get the coin.
  3. You get the third coin on the ‘Coming Soon’-screen in the main levels menu after cycling through all of the levels ~3 times.

Map Packs

You only need to complete 30 of the 65 map packs to get all achievements; 2 easy packs, 6 normal, 15 hard and 7 harder. 90 levels in total!

Jump, Forrest, Jump
Complete 1 Map Pack

Failure is not an option
Complete 5 Map Packs

Map Packer
Complete 10 Map Packs

Pack it up
Complete 15 Map Packs

Package Complete
Complete 20 Map Packs

You pack, I complete
Complete 25 Map Packs

I R Unstoppable!
Complete 30 Map Packs

User Levels

You’ll need to complete 1000 user-made levels to get these achievements, a good way is to just play a lot of auto levels as you don’t have to actually play. You could also sort levels by ‘tiny’ length and play those… the search term “free coins” usually has a ton of short levels without any objects in them.

While doing these achievements you can also go for those in the ‘Level Rating’ section. 🙂

Complete 1 user created level in Normal mode

Complete 10 user created levels in Normal mode

The Gamer
Complete 50 user created levels in Normal mode

Complete 100 user created levels in Normal mode

Spike dodger
Complete 200 user created levels in Normal mode

No match for me!
Complete 300 user created levels in Normal mode

Bring me their heads!
Complete 500 user created levels in Normal mode

Tonight, we dine in GEOMETRY DASH!
Complete 1000 user created levels in Normal mode

Level Rating

Not much to say here, you’ll need to both like/dislike and rate 1000 levels. You can only rate levels which don’t have a star rating.

Like or Dislike 1 online level

Like or Dislike 100 online level

Like or Dislike 1000 online level

Rate the stars of 1 online level

Rate the stars of 100 online level

Guiding Light
Rate the stars of 1000 online level

Level Creation

Probably the hardest achievements. To the last one, you’ll either have to create an actually good and playable level that people like… OR you could just go around on Twitch or Youtube on different level request streams and hope for the person to give you a like. I just got lucky and a popular creator found my crappy level that I made some years ago and it got enough likes.

Create and submit a custom level

Geometry Creator
Get 100 likes on a created level


You’ll get these eventually as you play, but if you’re lazy you can just play this level a couple times: 10481188 (hold down left click until the end).

Jump 1,000 times

I like jumping
Jump 10,000 times

You jump like a pro!
Jump 20,000 times

Hop Hop Hop
Jump 50,000 times


I don’t think there is an easier way to get these, you’ll just have to kys a lot 🙂

Trial and error
Do 100 attempts

Crash Tester
Do 500 attempts

You Shall Not Pass!
Do 2000 attempts

Do 10,000 attempts


Miscellaneous achievements.

Click this lock

RobTop Gamer
Look at more RobTop Games

Number one fan!
Like Geometry Dash on Facebook

Subscribe to RobTop Games on YouTube

So close
Crash at over 95% on a main level in Normal mode

As in most games, you don’t actually have to like the game on Facebook or subscribe on Youtube. You just need to click the buttons and wait a little bit, all of these buttons can be found on the main screen.

Secret Achievements

Secrets! I mentioned one of these in the Secret Coins section, though the other ones are pretty boring.

Destroy 1 player (in the main menu)

Destroy 50 players

Destroy 200 players

Master Detective!
Cycle through all of the main levels three times, then click the coin that appears on the Coming Soon screen.

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