Geometry Dash – Automatically Obtain All Achievements

How to automatically obtain all achievements upon opening the game. Requires phone.

How to Get All Achievements

Step 1

Acquire a mobile phone that can run Geometry Dash + a web browser. You want to download ItalianApkDownloader’s Mod Menu (youtube video linked below) and make a Geometry Dash account on your phone.

Note: You may use Steam Achievement Manager (for PC only) to obtain all achievements as well, but make sure to disable your antivirus as it will terminate the program.

Step 2

Modify star counts, secret coins, and get all icons. Modify whatever you need with this mod menu on this account, anything you need to obtain all achievements.

You might also need to play some levels, as there is an achievement where you have to die at 95% on a main level. Just do whatever you have to do fulfil the achievement descriptions.

Make sure that you do everything listed. You also have to like 1,000 levels, which you have to do manually, and beat demons (use noclip to make easier). This might take some time, most likely an hour or two.

Step 3

Once you have fulfilled the achievements, log on to this account with all this progress on to your PC on Steam. Then, you will earn all achievements.

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