Geometry Dash – How to Beat an Extreme Demon

A serious Guide on how to beat your first Extreme Demon.


A lot of the information/help was taken from npesta’s “How to improve at Geometry Dash” video.

What I Recommend before Trying to Beat an Extreme Demon

I highly recommend to beat at least 5 insane demons.

Here are a few recommendations:

  • Supersonic (Consistency, Timings)
  • Windy Landscape (Timings, Ship)
  • Acropolis (Timings, Wave)
  • Poltergeist (Wave, Timings)
  • Psychosis (Consistency, Ball, Ship)

Which Extreme Demon Should You Beat?

Now here are a few “easy” Extreme Demons you can try to beat:

  • Cataclysm (Ship, Timings)
  • The Ultimate Phase (Timings, Consistency)
  • Ice Carbon Diablo X (Ship, Timings)
  • Acu (Timings, Wave)
  • Aftermath (Ship, Timings)
  • Hypersonic (Consistency, Timings)
  • Deception Dive (Consistency)
  • Retention (Timings, Consistency)

Best Way to Practice

If you found a Extreme Demon you would like to beat then the next step is to practice it.

(You can’t just beat a Extreme Demon with a few practice runs.)

  • Step 1. Do a normal practice run if you haven’t already.
  • Step 2. Get a copy of the level.
  • Step 3. Place start positions at parts you have the most trouble with.
  • (Optional) Practice from the end of the level to the beginning.

As Example: 78%-100%, 50%-100%, 34%-100%

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