Geometry Dash – How to Improve Your Gameplay

Quick guide on how to improve at geometry dash!

How to Improve at Geometry Dash!

Of course, you aren’t going to improve with a snap of your fingers, this takes time and patience.

Tip #1: Gradually Build Your Skill Level

What i mean by this is to not play levels way out of your comfort zone. if your hardest level is an easy demon, maybe try a medium demon, not a hard or insane demon as you may not be able to progress as quick as if you played a medium demon.

Tip #2: Learn The Gameplay Changes and What They Do

This one is rather straightforward. learn which portals do what. for example, a light blue portal is the wave gamemode, the darker purple portal is the spider gamemode, ect. this doesn’t seem like a lot, but will help during the learning parts of a level.

Tip #3: Never Underestimate Yourself!

I struggled with this myself for a while. i was working on beating Rate Demon by RoiMousti, an extreme demon and i was feeling really unmotivated and felt i could never beat it. it took me over 20,000 attempts, but i beat it, making it my hardest demon to date. you can beat levels harder than you’d expect if you go into it with a positive mindset, and never giving up.

The Final Tip: Practice

It took me 1,400 play hours to beat my hardest demon. don’t give up on a level after only a little bit of trying it, it has taken people many months, even a year to beat a level. look at Knobbelboy and Bloodlust, for an example. it took him over a year and 100,000+ attempts to verify it. practice on levels a little bit outside of your comfort zone, challenging you a little bit at a time, and over time, you will improve!

That’s it, folks. have a good one, and keep dashing.

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