Get To The Orange Door – Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide (with Tips)

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The hub is the start or end of every run it contains the shop or the home portal or the shatter to start the run you got to go up the stairs and into the purple door to start the run. in a run you can spend 250$ to head back to go to the shop. The shop contains weapons and its just right of the shatter or straight if you take the home portal where you can buy weapons

Where to go

If your in a level and if you look on the walls with arrows the tell which way you have to go to the door event

Weapon wheel

If you hold q it will bring up a weapon wheel if you hold left click on something it will remove the thing your holding click on, hitting e while hovering over something will put it in swap mode if you click it will swap it to that slot. you can also use 1,2,3. etc to switch weapons.


There are two types of Obelisks, the door obelisk which will start the door event where you can fight enemies until the door spawns. The key obelisk which has a chance to give you a key to the door to skip the door event but it doesn’t give you the shrine perks unlike doing the door event but beware it could give you nothing.


Equipment is a key part of gttod to use your primary hit q and to change which one is your primary scroll up on the mouse. With different starter cards you get different equipment for the basic and the ones that don’t come with equipment comes with the rock, the rock is like a mini melee it stuns and you can throw it far isn’t that strong though.


Chests are spawn around the map each costing different prices and selling different things this is the only way to get equipment so sometimes its worth to stop and buy them

The shrine

The shrine is right in front of you after taking the first jump pad. when the shrine is activated spawns enemies without having to activate a beacon.

Weapon pick ups

The mini gunner and the drudge drops gun and they a bright green you have a short time frame to grab them.

Grab a gun

Grab a gun costs 950$ and plays a jingle it spawns on every level and it gives a random gun, but you can only use it once per level.

Build a bang

Build a bang costs 12500$ it upgrades any gun into a babe version it can be to turning round explosive to setting enemies on fire on hit its a vital part of getting to high threat level runs.

Cycle stone

On every level theres a cycle stone, once activated the level will repeat when beaten you can use this to get into bunkers or lives quicker by knowing the level layout.

Battle stones

There are 3 battle stones on maps once activated it will spawn enemy’s and once beaten they can’t be activated again once all 3 are beaten the battle portal will open. once you located and you have entered it you will have a power weapon on a stand, once you’ve grab it get ready for a fight because all the enemy’s that spawn will be buffed.

Backpack station

Back pack station are a tube with a backpack upgrade in side it hit e on it and special event will happen once you killed everything that it spawned it will unlock you will get one more backpack slot. if you have all the back pack slots it will reward you with a life instead of a backpack upgrade.

Sprint chests

Sprint chest give you a key to the door and they are on a tight timer. If you activate the shrine you can’t use sprint chest.


Bunkers are laser gates that are inside of walls you will need to find a bunker key and it will open. lives normally spawn in bunkers so its always worth grabbing the bunker key. the bunker key spawns in a box by a fallen space ship.

Buffed enemy’s

Some enemy’s that spawn can be buffed and they will be glowing they will do more damage and have more health.


The sentinel spawns at the end of a loop then you loop again. the sentinel is the boss and only boss as the time of making this. the sentinel has fast dashes and quick attacks you should stay on the move if you want to defeat him and use slow mo and time stop to line up your aim and do fast attacks.


If you’re playing this game, chances are that you’ve played Titanfall 2. If you haven’t, then the movement might be a bit trickier to pick up. Fundamentally, its basically the exact same movement as Titanfall 2, with an added bonus of a momentum preserving dash. However, there are some key differences. First of all, the air accel is muuuuch higher, meaning that you can strafe like you would in normal source games. If you don’t know what air strafing is, it is basically just turning your camera left and right while holding either A or D.

In most source games and this game, this builds momentum. As I mentioned earlier, this game has a dash. This dash is pretty interesting. First off, it preserves all momentum, meaning that you will come out with the same speed you had going in. It also grants an extra jump, making the jump-double jump-dash-triple jump possible. Be careful as it is directional, so always make sure you’re holding the right direction key.

As you can assume, there is wall running in this game. However, the wall running in this game is a lot stingier than others. You have to be as parallel as possible.

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