GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon – Everything You Need to Know

I’m no master of this game, but i’ve been playing it like crazy, and learned a lot, so i am here to help anyone in need of info..!

(Almost) Everything You Need to Know about Getsu Fumaden: Undying Moon

Note: Credit goes to AeonTheShadow

The Getsu Clan Estate

This is your Home, or main Hub. Here you can set up your Weapons, Sub-Weapons, change Difficulties, switch Characters, boost your Weapons, boost your own base stats, and more. (Well.. And more when the game gets more updates)

The Statue

By going right, you’ll encounter the Statue, which allows you to change difficulty. You’ll only have Apprentice, and Commoner starting off, you’ll get the others as you beat the other difficulties.

Getsu Renge

Here you’ll find Renge by going left, you can unlock her by defeating her in the Demon Realm after clearing the 2nd, or 3rd boss. She’s not too hard to fight, but can be trouble if not dealt with quickly.

The Shrine Maiden, and The Hall of Treasures

Continuing going right, and you’ll run into the Shrine Maiden, and Hall. Speaking with the Maiden allows you to upgrade weapons, and unlock their nodes/passives. While going inside the Hall allows you to look at the records of the demons you’ve faced, which has plenty of info about their weaknesses, and drop lists.

Upgrading Yourself, and Weapons

A quick tip on upgrading Weapons/Subs. It may seem a bit pointless at first, but by upgrading, and unlocking nodes on a weapon, not only will you be able to apply the passives by using the purple spirits you find, but also empowers your weapons with a permanent stat boost on the weapon itself, like so.

As you can see the stats went up by one grade. You don’t necessarily have to unlock the weapon completely..– But by unlocking certain nodes, the weapon’s stats will be boosted, ranging from more damage, better cooldown, and even more ammo for sub weapons.

As for upgrading yourself, you will find Green, and Yellow Magatamas. At first you won’t find much, but on higher difficulties you can find much more, allowing you to unlock boost to Fuma/Renge, or shared passives faster. Training allows you to boost the stats of the current Getsu you’re playing. While Secret Arts are shared among the Getsu members. So keep that in mind, or else you’ll have one member far weaker than the other..

With that out of the way, we can now journey into the Demon Realm! (That’s not something i should be excited about..)

The Demon Realm

Welcome to the Demon Realm! Lets make things short as i’m sure you rather be slicing demons, or bashing their skulls in by now. But just a bit more before you run off..! Starting with..

The Map

Yes, the map, a good friend, and it’s best not to be ignored. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

  • Red Gates – This is your starting point! Simple, eh?
  • Blue Gates – These are used to teleport from one blue gate to another. How useful for backtracking!
  • Gold Gates – These are shops! I’ll explain more a bit later.
  • White Gates – This leads to the boss of the level. make sure you’re ready to face them before entering.
  • Boxes – Treasure chest! The smaller ones only drops items, and weapons. While the bigger ones drops more, and will always drop a Blue Soul. More on those later.
  • Skulls – Enemies! Destroy them with prejudice!
  • Stones – Reading these gives you some lore, an item bag, and a free potion. How nice!
  • Red Lines – These are where water is.. No they don’t damage you.. Unless in even higher difficulties they will..?
  • Items – Items of course. Blue ones are Weapons, while Green are Sub Weapons.

The Dolls

These gals are the Dolls, they’re the shop keepers you find within golden gates! You can buy weapons, or materials from them, and even boost your weapons ranks, or unlock a weapon’s passive. There’s always at least one shop in every level.

With that out of the way, lets get to the fun stuff..!

(Some) Combat, Demonization, Blue, and Purple Spirits

Before the really fun stuff, i should point out something about fighting. Flash, and Breaks. (Sorry i forgot to screenshot these..)

You’re wondering how Flash works, right? If you have any experience playing something like Onimusha, or other games with a similar function, you’ll get the picture. Simply hit the enemy in between them attacking. Some enemies have shorter open frames, while others have easy to do attacks. By doing this successfully, you will stop the enemy’s attack, deal way more damage, and activate Demonization quickly. This works on bosses too, just gotta be brave enough to find said openings.. (I’m not good at doing flashes 0w0″)

Breaks, breaks have three ways of activating, 1, keep hitting the enemy until they are stunned.. 2. Hit them from behind, and 3. Use parries. Breaking a enemy can lead to a “Lethal Slay”. By doing this, you will instantly kill a normal enemy. Against bosses, you will do a large amount of damage to them. Helps a lot, honestly.

Next is..

Demonization..! A very useful thing..! Demonization is achieved by attacking without taking damage. Sounds hard, right..? Well as long as you’re not rushing to kill everything in sight, and pace yourself you’ll be just fine. While in said mode, your damage is boosted, and your speed as well. Also, as a added bonus, you can also survive a deadly hit from an enemy, very useful when in a pinch!

Next is Blue Spirits, these are helpful to you as they boost your weapon’s damage, increase your max HP, and even give you back potions, if really needed. When you pick up one you’ll see the UI below you glow blue based on how many you picked up before using.

  • 1 = Weapon damage
  • 2 = Sub Weapon Damage
  • 3 = Max HP
  • 4 = Grants you a Potion

Best to utilize them to their fullest..!

Up next are Purple Spirits, these are a type of currency that can only be found by breaking down silver(Or higher) rarity items, and finding dead soldiers in the map, or after bosses. These are used to upgrade your weapon’s rank, or activating said weapon’s nodes/passives. Best not to waste them as you’ll only find so many per run..!

With all of that out of the way, you may now proceed to the boss..!

One boss bullying later..

Defeating Bosses

By beating bosses you will obtain items, a possible weapon drop, a large sum of money, four blue spirits, and 4 purple spirits. You will also be granted a chance to unlock weapons, boost stats, and even upgrade.

By heading to the left you’ll find gates that leads to other levels. Some will be locked out as you need the level’s key to enter them.

At the very end you’ll find a stute that will lead you home. You will return without losing much items.

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