Ghost Hunters Corp – New Player Guide

If you just bought the game and you have played a few frustrating rounds or just want to get a little edge on how to level up to 20 to get all the equipment unlocked, read up on this guide! Hopefully this guide can help!


Level Difficulties

SimpleNormal Investigation with ALL starting equipment available. The entity is passive depending on the Category type. Demons will still be aggressive.
ExtremeChallenging Investigation with NO starting equipment. The entity is usually more aggressive or more elusive. You will earn 2x more exp & money on a successful investigation.
Short InvestigationIdentifying the paranormal entity only requires 2-3 pieces of evidence with 2-4 exorcism steps.
Long InvestigationIdentifying the paranormal entity requires 3-5 pieces of evidence with 4-5 exorcism steps.

When starting out, you will choose a contract from the list on the whiteboard. Extreme Short Investigations are more ideal, especially if you are between levels 0-19, you don’t need to completely exorcise the entity during these levels as the Extreme Contracts might require the use of a Neutrino Gun to exorcise the entity itself or it’s cursed object, and Extreme Contracts do not provide you with any starting equipment. You need to purchase all necessary items on your own.

Max Brightness Setting

When the game starts and asks if you would like to change the Language or adjust the Brightness, Adjust the brightness to Max(+2). That way, you can navigate any of the maps without having to hold a flashlight. Extremely vital for Solo play since you will need all 3 inventory slots full of useful items. You can safely turn on the lights around the property as well and it does not affect the investigation other than the poltergeist flickering them or breaking the bulbs.

Objective of the Game

You are tasked with correctly identifying the type of entity that is haunting the property and recovering any Occult/Cursed items you find, and exorcising the entity. Failure to correctly identify the Category(Demon, Shadow, etc) with deduct money from your payout.

Once More Unto the Breach

So you are determined to get some exp & money with what little resources you have. Let’s say you are Solo, the best way to earn the most money with some effort is by completing objectives on the board. They all tend to be the same objective every playthrough and requires you to have 4 paranormal tools that are vital in this game, so make sure you buy them before the investigation! The reward money listed varies, $16 was with 2 others on Extreme and $20 was Solo Extreme.

MEL-860Measure an OCC Reading above 10.Have the entity near you so that the MEL goes off.$16-20
ThermometerReceive the “ER.0” Reading.Have the entity near you so that the Thermometer can read different temperatures until it reads ERROR. I found it kind of helpful to active and deactivate the thermometer around the ghost so it can get the error.$16-20
Video CameraHave a placed Video Camera record supernatural interference.Place the camera near the Dread Room or high traffic area and hope that the entity wanders near the camera.$16-20
EMF K2Detect a Spirit with the EMF K2.Have the entity near you so that it gives off a reading. The reading is also consistent with evidence gathering. The EMF will either read 2(just light activity), 3-4(Paranormal Evidence) or 5(Paranormal Evidence). The reading will stay consistent throughout that session of the investigation so you don’t have to worry about it jumping from 4 to 5 randomly.$16-20

Crucifix and Mother Mary Statues

They are your primary form of defense when performing the objectives above and during your Solo investigation. They both have limited charges and you will know when they are used up when the Crucifix is completely grayed out with no gemstones and when the Mary Statuette is grayed out.

Always have a steady supply of these on you when investigating and carry the crucifix on your left hand so you don’t get caught off guard. The Mary Statue will only repel entities when it is placed upright on the ground, so you will have to create safe spots to retreat back to the Mobile HQ with plenty of Mary Statuettes.

Pro Tip

Every time you go back to the Mobile HQ, always replace your current Crucifix so that it is at 100%. If you fail to exorcise the entity and you have partially used Crucifixes in the Mobile HQ, they will put back into your inventory for the next investigation at 100%. Only if you make it out alive, if you die I think all the equipment you’ve used is lost.

Different entities are affected by either the crucifix or statuette.

EntityRepelled by
RevenantMary Statuette
ChildMary Statuette

Neutrino Gun

One of the coolest gadgets in your possession and could be a very effective repelling tool in a pinch, but ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RELY ON IT. The Neutrino Gun is mainly for exorcising the entity and/or it’s most cursed object. It takes up both hands to wield and if Solo, can prove to be a little troublesome during close call situations.

When doing Simple Contracts, the game gives you a starting Neutrino Gun which has no gauge attached to the left side, which means it will not recharge. The Starter Neutrino Gun can be fired continuously until it runs out of charges. When you reach level 20 you will be able to purchase the rechargeable one for a hefty $750 price tag.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes if you hit the entity with the Neutrino Gun it not only blows into a puff of smoke but also bright colors? That means you’ve just completed one of it’s personalized exorcism steps. You can continue to use the gun on it to repel it from attacking but keep in mind that using the gun was part of your Exorcism To-Do List. So pay close attention the first time you hit it!

Exorcising Occult items is simple, you will need to identify it and I believe it is easier to use the Occult Meter(big yellow box that ticks) to find any and all Occult items you can, usually about 2-5 items. You can put them in the truck and after a successful investigation, they will be sold for $25-30 each. Once you’ve recovered the artifacts, you can use your MEL-860 to see which has the highest reading. I recommend using the MEL after recovering the items because if the entity is chasing you, it will constantly give off an 8.0+ reading which will throw you off. Regular Occult items give off 8.0 on the MEL whereas Cursed Occult items give off 10-16+. Once identified, fire away and you will hear the entity howl in the distance.

Quick Note

If you do not plan on completing the exorcism or you have no choice but to abandon the Contract, try to bring back any and all of your equipment with you in the Mobile HQ. Any items left outside will be lost and you will need to repurchase them.

If you complete the exorcism you don’t need to worry about carrying back any equipment.

If one or more of your companions die, you can recover their body so that they can earn half exp & money.

Exorcising the Hell out of it

To be blunt, you can start performing known exorcism steps on the entity with little to no evidence. If the entity blows up into Bright White Orbs in a Spherical Pattern, that’s when you know you’ve completely exorcised it. Or if you were reading the Bible and it howled in the distance, you can always check the whiteboard to see if it was exorcised.

Do not stress out if you are unable to obtain 1 or more pieces of evidence, you can always brute force the Exorcism steps to try and get the job done.

SaltYou can load up the Salt Shotgun and fire at it, place it near a high traffic area, or simply touch it while it is in your hand.
Tiger Eye StoneThrow it at the entity, place it near a high traffic area, or touching the entity while it is in your hand.
IncenseUsing the Incense around the entity and touching it or using it in the entities Dread Room.
BibleReading the Bible in the entities Dread Room.
Instant Photo CameraTaking a picture of it, preferably while it’s chasing you.
Holy WaterThrow it at the entity, it’s better to aim for it’s feet. Using it to Purify a Hidden Pentagram which can be revealed by Night Vision Photo Camera and brought to the real world with the Instant Camera.
Neutrino GunUse it on the entity or it’s Occult Object with a reading of 10+ on the MEL-860.


Extreme investigations solo speedrun activated tl:dr

  • Grab your Photo Camera, EMF K2, and MEL 860!
  • Run into the property and look for Ghost Orbs.
  • Once found, look around for any Pentagrams nearby the Dread Room.
  • Call out to the entity to summon it and pull out the EMF K2 or MEL to get readings which is part of the whiteboard objectives. Make sure to record the temperature readings as part of your evidence as well. A good question to call out with or without Spirit Box is “Can you hear me?”. This will cause the entity to appear or the Demon to laugh, which is considered an Audio On-Site evidence.
  • Once you’ve collected EMF and MEL, go back and equip a Crucifix or Mary Statue(depending on the ghost), Video Camera, and Thermometer and head back to the Dread Room.
  • Setup your Video Camera near the Dread Room and call out to the ghost to get a thermo reading and do your best to be near it with your defensive items and try to get the ER.0 reading.The heart beat sound will freak you out but you will be ok temporarily, it’s the swirling nauseous vision that is an indicator that YOU WILL DIE.
  • At this point the entity might be aggressive towards you, if it is a crucifix ghost it is a good time to head back for a new crucifix and the Occult Meter and Incense. Run back to the Dread Room to cleanse the area with Incense, may or may not be part of the Exorcism step but worth a shot.
  • Try to find any Occult items laying around and keep an eye out for Surface Writing or Drawing evidence. I haven’t seen the entity do much with the book.
  • Around this time you should have at least 2-3 pieces of evidence and have correctly identified the Category of entity. You can now update a list of exorcism steps to complete the Contract and earn some exp and money! If you cannot complete the exorcism or you just don’t want to, you can pack your things and call it a night and still earn money from any photos you’ve taken, occult items recovered, and objectives you’ve completed. It’s better to fall back and regroup instead of ending up dead and losing everything.


The Ghost Orbs reveal the entities Dread Room. They do not serve any other purpose, taking a Night Vision Camera Photo of the Ghost Orbs will not do or offer anything. Taking a picture of the Dread Room will offer 2 stars and the entity itself will offer 3 stars which reward you with money.

Entity Category

Identifying a entity is easy, it gets confusing between a Poltergeist and Demon, here are some quick tips to know who you are dealing with. The entity models are usually a “dead” give away but thats not the case between Poltergeist and Demon.

DemonAdult figure, asking outloud “Can you hear me?” will always make the entity laugh on-site.
PoltergeistLikes to play with lights and make lots of noise. Just because the ingame description said it hates when you pick up things, doesnt mean it’s not going to attack you if you don’t touch anything.
ShadowJet black character model with 2 white eyeballs and a set of white teeth or a lava lamp blob of black, like a black slime tornado.
RevenantCan be seen twerking and twirling it’s head, will always be crawling while chasing.
ChildUsually a short female model. Will sing ring around the rosey in the Spirit Box. Just because it’s a child doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous, tall people tend to NOT look down often and that’s when they grab your cookies.
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