Ghost Watchers – Achievements Guide

Achievements Guide (Early Access Game)

I wanna go home!

  • Escape as soon you start the match.


  • Throw the catcher into the river in Abandoned House (behind the van) for some reason it’s bugged so throw it here as shown in the picture (easy).

Dark vision

  • Win without using a flashlight (easy).

The Priest

  • Walk with a crucifixion in hands for more than 5 minutes (easy).

It’s time for school

  • Catch a Child (easy, there is a ghost called Child).


  • Stay in the van for more than 10 minutes (easy, Simply afk).

All assembled

  • Play a full-party game (easy, you can join random public lobbies).

I wanna jump!

  • Press the space bar 20 times (easy).

Professional Exorcist

  • Catch 5 different ghosts (easy, you just need to play a bit to get 5 different ghosts).


  • Run with a torch in hand for 5 minutes straight (easy).


  • Catch a Demon (easy, you’ll get demon in your games after you get around lvl 7).


  • Save up 10,000 (easy, just need to grind a bit).
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