Ghost Watchers – Beginners Tips

Tips for Beginners

The ghost wanders room to room, you will eventually bump into the ghost if you just hang around the entrance of the locations, when the ghost is near you it activates your tools, EMF, Thermometer etc.

To make money in the game you have to do the objectives, just guessing what the ghost is wont earn you money,

Tools of the trade to identify the ghost:

  • 1) Thermometer, you have to keep an eye on the thermometer as when the ghost is near you the thermo could be -20 to -10 or -5 to +5, +10 to +30 or +45 to +55C – majority of room temperatures will be between 20 to 28C, and outside will be around 14C,
  • 2) EMF sensor, similar to phasmophobia, could be 1-2 or 3, 5, or RED3 which is the highest,
  • 3) footprints, using the UV flashlight you can either find footprints, bloodstains, baby?, pentagram, or no traces,
  • 4) particle counter, you have to use this while the ghost is with you in the room, it has to hit 100% to figure out the particles, just have to stay with the ghost in a room long enough with the particle tool and you will get the results for this
  • 5) ouiji board, just dump the ouiji board by the entrance and eventually the ghost will activate it, or wont interact at all, not instantly so give it some time before ruling out which option,
  • 6) Radio, again you can dump this on the floor and you will hear crying or growling from the radio, or nothing at all, same again give it some time to allow the ghost to talk on the radio, maybe 5-15 mins
  • 7) Voodoo doll, same as the other 2, the ghost can raise the voodoo up in the air in a straight upwards motion and then drop it, or it will throw it around, or do nothing, give the ghost 5-15 mins to see if it does anything,

Once you’ve selected the options and are sure you know what the ghost is, your next step is to weaken it, so make sure your carrying a cross or jesus statue, or incense, if your holding these protection items while the ghost attacks the ghost can’t kill you, also try to throw the salt and bombs that weaken it at him when you see him, eventually he should be weak enough for you to catch him using the ghost ball,

UPD: We caught the ghost after weakening it, follow the steps in order and then throw the ball at the ghost, it will eventually get sucked into the ball and ending the game.

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