Ghost Watchers – How to Catch Ghost

In this guide you will learn how to catch a ghost correctly.

The Most Common Task

In fact, in the first case, there are no problems with its implementation. The game allows us to do the most common task without any problems, whether it is opening doors / turning on light sources (lighting candles) or turning on water in a tap.

To make it easier – You can wear items that are can protect you, for example: plasma absorber, withering light (Important: See item coverage “protects” and “doesn’t protect”)

P.S. The only items listed that won’t run out (have a cooldown) and none of which irritate the ghost.

Bring, Move, Throw


We pick up the “Voodoo Doll”, or “Withering Light”, or “Plasma Absorber” from our van – and take it to the place where the ghost lives (just kidding, you can put it next to the entrance)


We find a cursed object that lay absolutely anywhere, take it and take it away from the place where it was located.


We hold this item in our hands, see a ghost (or wait until it grabs us) and throw RIGHT ON THE TARGET.

Cross and Statue

Let’s move on to the most important and interesting – how to complete the task with a cross and a statue.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to just throw these items, so we take one of these (what exactly we need) artifacts and wait, wait until the ghost grabs us.

The main thing – do not panic, he will make things worse for himself and this task will be credited to you.

The Final

Don’t forget the important thing – The Ghost Trap!

After all the completed tasks, the trap that we took from the van just needs to be thrown at the ghost (no matter how you throw it, you will still fall into the ghost).

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