Ghostwire: Tokyo – 7 Things to Know Before You Start

This guide will tell you of weapon, traversal and item locations to make it easy for you to explore the games world.

Things to Know Before You Start

Bow / Headshots

The bow is a very good weapon, don´t ignore it, flying wondering ghosts(small ones) CAN be take with one full shot charge from afar, bigger targets deal minimal damage, but headshots deal massive damage, and enemies won´t spot you right away if you hide.(can be use for stealth takedown)

Beads / Spirit Collect (Spirit Tracker)

Beads are very useful items, one bead i recommend getting ASAP is the “Spirit of Perception” bead, located on Hirano Shrine, once equipped, it can help you locate spirits. (further in the game you will more of the same, which will auto upgrade it, so don´t worry)

Spider-Man Through The City

If you want to be Spider-Man, and reach higher buildings whithout dealing with pesky enemies as you climb stair after stair, like Batman just invited you for BBQ, but everyone got jealous, then acquire the ability “AMENOTORI 1”, and its upgrade “AMENOTORI X”.

Aim at the edge of a building rooftop, even your exe´s, to summon a Tengu and insta Spiderman that building.

OBS: What you do next, i will deny involvement, im only here for ghosts.

Spectral Vision (Omoigane)

Think about that one ability every game needs, NO you weirdo not that, the ability to see enemies, even through walls.

Maxing Omoigane this one is a must, it will become your BFF.

Water Spell (Sonic Boom)

Considered the baby of all Spells (weak), but it turns out, if you max it up, it can clear all enemies on screen, even the dirt of your eyes.

Think Gyle from Street Fighter, that will be you, only… you know, way cooler.

Lightning Talisman (Hoteison)

Ever felt like being Doctor Strange?

Well, this Talisman is your best boi, if you don´t want to fight, or got spotted, but still want to show you can still break women hearts, well, just throw of this bad bois down, anyone who gets caught, can be sneaky attacked (spoiler from behind, like stepsister like), doesn´t work against bosses, they are NOT stepsister material, more like PETA

Beauty Matters / Beads

Like I said before, beads are very useful, think about that crazy ex gir/boyfriend, that you still love, those are beads,, and if one is not enough, how about 3, i mean beads, don´t make this weird, upgrade the beads to level 3 on SKILLS x EQUIPMENT x F UKUROKUJU,

But I mean you can get 3 wifes… in a certain country, but you do you man/ma´m, I don´t judge.

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