Gigantic: Rampage Edition – Ranged DPS Vadasi Build

DPS Vadasi Build Guide

We all know that Vadasi is a healing support but, there’s that one thought of: “hmm… I want to kill enemies” well the build is here for you!

Be advised that the build is risky to use since you’re kinda throwing from merely focusing on damage than healing with combination of her harming herself with one of her abilities.

(First 4 Levels)


  • Flameseeker – Smoldering Judgment

Ray of Light

  • Light of Judgment- Contrast

(There’s almost no particular order with the build since the rest is just increasing Smite’s damage)

Sanctum of Faith

  • Condermnation – Keen Spirit

(Focused Might can be used instead if you’re good at surviving)


(Both Resolute Sacrifice & Complete Devotion are useful)

  • If Sacrifice – Holy Wrath
  • If Devotion – Devine Renewal

Devine Wind

  • Keeping the Faith – Divine Fury

(A Forment of Prayer to Holy Gust or Cleansing Wind is also good depending on enemy comp)


All of them are useful so it’s based on preference but I use Spiritual Refreshment since it eases out the self damage.

Happy slaughtering your enemies as your allies wonder what’s going on with you.

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  1. Yay! I’ve been planning on making a build for this! Thanks for sharing yours. I’ll report back later after some test runs.

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