Gigantic: Rampage Edition – Xenobia Main Build

Xenobia Build Guide

My current pathing in clash is as follows, I’ll explain the choices in a few phases:

  • 1: RMB>Echo of Spite: Targets more enemies.
  • 2: RMB>Cutting Words: Applies bleed to previously debuffed enemies.
  • 3: E>Depths of Despair: Increases area size. Applies poison.

These talents being in the first three levels is non-negotiable to me, the only way you can swap this up is by putting E on level 1 and rmb upgrades on 2 and 3 respectively, but either way these talents change the game from you doing comic relief dps to you dealing potentially hundreds of dps with bleed + poison & cracked armor.

Honestly the jury is out on whether poison first is ever actually worth it, because you can still apply bleed on rmb with the slow from E. It doesnt matter that much because you will ding 2 from summons anyway assuming your team doesnt lose own points

From here things immediately become a bit more free form depending on enemy comp. If healing is an issue, you can go

  • 4: E>Toxic Relationship: Applies heavy poison.

If you need 1v1 potential because of assassins, then you can go for

  • 4: LMB>Withering Gaze: Weakens enemies.

I have played most of my time with “LMB>Greedy Gaze: Increases damage and self healing”, but I gotta say I don’t think it’s worth it currently. I would go greedy gaze and “Q>Sorrow’s Wake: Knocks up and weakens enemies near target” to get weaken for the 1v1, but alongside the disastrous possibility of missing Q, it also costs an extra skillpoint for weaken that could be better spent elsewhere.

I think weaken path on LMB is the way to go because it gives more bang for your buck than greedy gaze + sorrow’s wake. I think weaken LMB, especially with the upgrade on weakness that comes after, saves you SO much more health than the greedy gaze path that it practically invalidates it.

If you took withering gaze, you can do this:

  • 5: LMB>Sap Strength: Buffs weakness over time.

Which builds up to a good 50% weakness over 1.4s, which isnt too long at all.

If you took toxic relationship, go for withering gaze now:

  • 5: LMB>Withering Gaze.

Always take clash talent 1…

Insult and Injury:

  • Increases Words of Spite debuff duration.
  • Clash: On debuffed enemy kill, resets all cooldowns.

Debuff duration is +2 seconds, meaning that words of spite is now on for 5 seconds, meaning that its duration is the same as the cooldown; so, you can have words of spite on multiple people practically indefinitely as long as you use it off cooldown. This alone is great, extending -10 armor & 60dps (from crack + bleed) over 5 seconds.

That means a tag with bleed will deal 300 damage on top of the 100 impact damage, which is a lot for something that you can just spam, not to mention the bonus you and more importantly your teammates get from crack. The clash bonus is just ridiculous as well, you can spam interrupts and rmb and Q on demand throughout a teamfight.

Sap strength competes with “LMB>Siphon Strength: During attack, gives 15% basic attack damage to allies within 5m for 1s.” for its slot. I think the radius range really damns this talent, because its sort of a dead zone. The sweet spot for xeno is more or less 10-15m: LMB range is 11m, Q 11m, E 10m but has a huge radius (esp. with Depths of Despair), and words of spite 22m. You would have to be hugging your ranged dps (who usually sit a lot further back than this) or in melee with the frontliners to make this work, and it only works for as long as you have lmb on (it decays after 1s). It just doesnt make sense, dont take this

If you took withering gaze on 5, go for sap strength now because it’s too good to pass up:

  • 6: LMB>Sap Strength: Buffs weakness over time

If you have sap strength already, you can consider toxic relationship if you could use a bit more anti-heal by this point:

  • 6: E>Toxic Relationship: Applies heavy poison.

Which makes the healing debuff go from 50% to 75%, albeit the poison dps itself is a neglible upgrade to 23 from 21.

If not, take this now:

  • 6: F>Amity: On kill and assist, heals self.

The other F talent branch begins with “F>Tactical Awareness: Gains 10% backstab damage reduction and 10% backstab damage.” if you didn’t know, attacking someone from the back deals 10% more damage after armor calculations; for instance, hitting xeno (who has 15 armor) from the back with a 100 damage attack (such as words of spite impact damage) will be calculated as follows: 100 * .85 (armor reduces damage 1:1%) = 85— 85 * 1.1 (+10% back damage) = 93.5, so a “backstab” attack on xeno deals 93.5. this backstab reduction on tactical awareness is additive (or subtractive depending on how you look at it), so the multiplier on backstab would equal 1, meaning that you take no more backstab damage than you do from the front. Personally I think tactical awareness is kind of ass. The additional backstab damage isnt even good for xeno because she isnt good at chasing, has low base damage on everything, and deals the overwhelming majority of her damage with dots (with this build in mind).

This all makes tactical awareness in my opinion a wasted talent on xeno. Its silver lining is that it can lead into “F>Elusiveness: On dodge, gains +15 armor for 3s”, which is actually quite strong, especially in the 1v1. I’ve played with it a bit, and it can save you, but I think the amity route is a lot more consistent and doesnt waste a talent on tactical awareness— play with this some, report back if you think its worth it.

A lot of people wait to take F talents until the end because they dont add functionality to the kit, but amity is so goddamn good because it’s on assist, you’ll be getting amity back to back in teamfights so long as you dont get focused hard and play safe. Taking amity is a way to make up for the fact that this build has been really quite greedy with damage, and gives you a better potential heal than any 1 healing talent would without sacrificing these damage/debuff talents that make xenobia a menace. In this way, I argue it’s really efficient. I think this particular talent pick so early would be in contention with some players though, but it suits my playstyle

On 7, if you don’t have amity yet, take amity. Else, I begin upgrading Q:

  • 7: E>Sorrow’s Wake: Knocks up and weakens (-25% for 4s) enemies near target.

This turns it into an AOE knock + cancel + weaken, and the radius is a lot bigger than you think. A simultaneous knockup + weaken can stop enemies in their tracks and allow for a great engage, not to mention that a tight ult can lead to this being a guarantee. I know some people like to take “E>Banishing Sorrow: Launches enemy.” For the extra peel or ring out potential, which is also good and can be viable, but if you do choose this path than the tier 2 slots leave much to be desired, giving you a choice between “E>Crack and Ruin: Applies broken armor on previously debuffed enemies.” And “E>Heightened Sorrow: Launches enemy outside Mark of Despair 1.3m away”. PSA for people who took banishing sorrow prior to this patch: Q now cancels on base kit, not just knockup, so you no longer need it for the interrupt on certain abilities like rutger RMB. PSAx2, broken armor is better than cracked armor yes (-25 vs -15 armor, 15dps vs 10dps), but it overwrites the cracked armor you already apply on rmb, making this inefficient

After you have taken sorrow’s wake, I like to go “E> Compounding Sorrow: Extremely weakens (-60% for 4s) enemies inside Mark of Despair”, because an aoe extreme weaken is so good. It’s not just that its aoe though, this gives you another on-demand strong weaken that you dont have to hold lmb for, which is really good to have. I take these talents so late however because the aoe is small and can be inconsistent, and q basekit is already giving you what you need most of the time; you could experiment with taking sorrow’s wake really early and taking compounding sorrow around this time, but dont take compounding until amity, that would be insanely greedy given the build

After these talents, it’s mostly preference points. Both “F>Life Line” and “F>Power Hungry” are good, I haven’t experimented much with “E>Conduit of Despair” but I get the feeling its pretty mediocre, so I usually just go toxic relationship if I havent already.

In summary I go for the first build if they dont have much healing, second build if they do:

Useful Tips for Using Focus

My typical uses:

  • 1) In a duel with someone(s) and I will win if my CDs come back up (bleed dmg on Q), but I won’t live long enough. I can ult to stall, and then I can smack em as soon as they come out and then I win the trade.
  • 2) I know my team is on the way and going to follow up soon, I can drop the ult on a group of enemies for my team to move in and kit dump to win a team fight.

Mostly I use her ult for getting picks!

  • 3) Sometimes I use it for self peel. If a tyto/tripp is chasing me deep into backline and won’t get off, I will drop ult to get to safety, and then it usually gives my team enough time to respond and they can punish the assassin for overextending.
  • 4) Her ult certainly works well for wounds. Either on the attack or defense. You can just take their team out of the game for a few seconds and focus on wound damage!
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