Give the People What They Want – Official Guide

Ready to become the best service bot there was?



In Give the People What They Want, you assume the role of a humble mining robot turned service industry professional. Navigate the challenges posed by demanding customers, and make sure to meet your ServicePoints quota for each day on the job, less you wish to be disposed of!

To do so, you’ll have to learn how to get people what they want in the most shortest amount of time, all the while dealing with your customers’ increasingly complex demands.


  • Move: Left Thumbstick
  • Rotate: Right Thumbstick
  • Grab: Grip Buttons
  • Teleport: Right Trigger
  • Go to menu: X Button


Your main objective

To escape being burnt and processed into scrap metal, you, valuable service bot, must give the people what they want! This is accomplished by hurrying around unique stages to grab and hand over products to the incoming flow of customers. In exchange for each good you give, customers will throw you valuable ServicePoints.

Watch out though! These points will disappear quickly, so be sure to pick them up. On top of this, there is a time limit on each stage, so you must find the most efficient way to give the people what you want and earn as many points as your sad tin body can earn. More on how these points are earned can be viewed in the Bonus Objectives and Ranking Up sections.

But why even earn points? Well, to ensure you’re working hard enough, you are given a points quota that must be met on certain days. The game consists of a total of 21 days, where you start at day 1. Once a stage is over, the amount of points you earned is summed to your total ServicePoints, and a day is incremented. If you do not meet this points quota by each deadline, you are turned into scrap and have to reset all of your progress to beat the game again.

There are three stages to choose from on the start of each day:

  • A Christmas themed toy workshop – Mega Toys Inc.
  • A classy music center – Symphonicity
  • A crowded pet store – SourcePet

Each stage provides its own unique challenge, so be sure to try them all and get a feel for which one you like the most!

Bonus Objectives

Each day, a random bonus objective is assigned to each stage, which can be seen on the cards of each stage. Some of these bonuses are shared through all stages (such as servicing a minimum number of customers), while others are unique to certain stages.

These unique bonuses can include:

  • Petting all the pets
  • Playing instruments by hitting them
  • And way more!

Ranking Up

Each stage you play tracks the amount of points you earn in it. Once these points reach a certain threshold, the stage ranks up, and causes the tasks and demands of the customers to become increasingly more difficult. However, in exchange, the amount of service points you get from each stage is raised by a certain multiplier, going all the way up to double points once at rank 5.

There is a maximum of ranks, and the effects of ranking up can include, but are not limited to:

  • Deal with fickle customers who change what they want
  • Pet and provide for other animals in the pet store
  • Keep track of different varieties of instruments in the music store

Unlocking New Parts

As you go up a rank, you get to unlock new robot parts to customize yourself with!

Winning / Losing

If you fail to reach your points quota on the specified dates, your run is over! But succeed and gain your quota of 250 points before 21 days, and you, superb worker, get to retire and win the game!

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