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Since I did voice a complaint about the closed nature of the community I figured I would go ahead and share my AI, otherwise I sound kinda dumb.

It’s nothing special and not meant to show off the “best AI”. It’s simply sharing. Feel free to use and modify; I wish there was export/import capability but none that I’m aware of. There’s images without commentary.

Since I don’t currently invest any more time into this game there won’t be remarks or updates and I suspect this will age poorly. Watch your bots get blown to pieces at your own risk. =)

I’m sitting a bit above 1300 ELO and somewhere at the top of Gold last time I checked. About 1 or 2 wins from Platinum. Not really sure how that all works but in case you wanted to know.

Can it be improved? Absolutely. There’s things I’m spotting just by saving the images. Have fun doing so.

What does it do that isn’t terrible? Elimination. And it can play the little ball catching game. It does not play the game where you hold points. Don’t even try.

What about it is terrible? It doesn’t do anything at all regarding the time it takes to aim or empty a clip. There is no group behavior. Bots do their own thing and don’t care if all the other bots are blown up or whatever. It catches balls only as an afterthought. You can simply delete the ball catching stuff. I used that for the single player.

What lineup did I use when running this AI? A balanced one with all bot types.

It goes pew pew. It works for all bots. It uses health packs. It uses the green shield thingies on the map.

Basically if you want an AI to use that isn’t 100% pure awful (only 90%) here you go.

Aside from it being presented as images it should be easy to understand and change. Enjoy.

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  1. you’re right, this aged poorly lol
    and this code is great btw. This is only weak and gets obliterated from more stronger and more complex bots.

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