Gloomwood – How to Dominate Slaughtered Goat

Many ways of killing pure little goat.

Guide to Dominate Slaughtered Goat

Main Way

You are locked in the basement. Get red button, activate lift and get ready to fight. This is mandatory for all strategies.

  1. Get stealthy in main part of first floor.
  2. Pick up key. Read 2 notes.
  3. Get to the second floor.
  4. Upstairs look at the roof: there is an attic. To get there, you will need to press “secret” button, just on the wall behind the stuff.
  1. In attic you will find one more switch, that will open a way to second floor room with a safe and a shotgun in a glass locker.
  2. Pick up the note, read it.
  3. Open the door, look on the menu in front of the bar.
  4. Open safe, get key to shotgun, grab it and ammo, drop to the first floor.
  5. Time to steal key/kill boss.


Ok. Boss is easy. No, it is not scary, it is not hard, it is cheap and easy.

To kill it you can use:

  1. Bear traps on the wall. They will stun boss.
  2. Unarmored running – thus boss wil not be able to melee hit you.
  3. Throwing axes (there is a lot of them there).
  4. Doors – boss need time to destroy them.
  5. Jumping/falling from 2-nd floor to first.
  6. Jumping to the barshelf from the second floor to get into “ahhahah what will you do now” phase.
  7. Not standing on tables or rails of second floor, thus getting axed to death.

The boss is fat, thus you will have to spent a lot of time shooting it.


You can:

  1. Crush it with lift.
  2. Call attic staircase up after you get on it, thus boss will not be able to get to you.
  3. Or crush it with stairs.
  4. Drop boxes on. And then even more barrels.
  5. Use boxes and open flame on first floor to burn it.
  6. Mace him bugged out in small rooms with a ton of open closets.
  7. Lock him in attic.
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