GOBS – Game Of Battle Simulation – How To Upload / Use Workshop Maps

For all the help on getting started using the new Steam Workshop Features.

Uploading Maps

So you’ve made a great map/battle and you want to share it with the world.

No problem, this is how you do it.

  1. Go into your build tab (B key)
  2. If you are uploading a map with units on, make sure you tick “Include units”
  3. Click on Upload to workshop
  4. Type in your maps name by clicking the box under title, once done press enter.
  5. Type in your maps description by clicking the box under description, once done press enter.
    (if you have already uploaded, please fill out the information the same, and use change notes to enter any new features)
  6. (At the moment take screenshots won’t work)
  7. Click Upload.

You map should then be uploaded to the workshop, but please give it a few moments to appear.

(As screenshots are not working, please upload a screenshop after your map is uploaded to the workshop)

Downloading & Loading Workshop Maps

So you’ve been browsing the workshop and found a cool map.

Well lets get into how you load a workshop map.

  1. Go into sandbox, load blank map
  2. Open Steam overlay (Shift + Tab)
  3. Subscribe to the map you wish to play (Remember the name + Spelling)
  4. Close Steam overlay (Shift + Tab)
  5. Go into the games build menu (B Key) now where the box says MAP NAME, click and change it to the name of the map you subscribed too in the Workshop.
  6. Press enter when finished typing map name.
  7. Click download from workshop button.
    (The game should then load in the map and also save it to your local files to access later)
  8. If you want to play the map again later, all you have to do is type the name of the map into the MAP NAME box and click Load Map.

If the map doesn’t load or the game crashes after pressing download from workshop, please check the spelling and capitals are all the same as the workshop item.

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