Going Medieval – Best Map Seeds

Are you looking for a seed that is on hillside, with flat and all kinds of ore, want good limestone or some thing else?

Seed Codes

  • 1421379946 – Hillside, great castle, lots of resources if you like center hill.
  • 758342177 – Hillside flat compared to others, has lots of limestone.
  • 12345 – Super flat!
  • 458424 – Mountains! Plenty of soil for farms, just build around it.
  • 1604746932 – Valley. Flat with a bit of iron and some limestone on the surface, more like hillside with iron, but flatter.
  • 657024048 – Rohan seed 😉
  • 125770909 – Hillside. Very large and high hill shaping a triangle with a face sticking to west bound and the opposite angle at the center of the map, very good to build big castles hanging on cliffs, very easy to defend and lot of resources.

If you have a favorite seed, share with us in the comments!

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