Governor of Poker 3 – 100% Achievements Guide

A simple and quick guide that shows all the Achievements there are and how to get them.

Most of the achievements you’ll get just by playing, but some will require allot of work and some luck.

100% Achievements for Governor of Poker 3


Just keep playing the game and you’ll get to level 60 in no time.

One of the ways to gain experience is by winning hands, its recommended you play on a tables that can hold many players.

The Achievement levels go from Level 3 all the way to Level 60.

Win Hands

You can get this either by playing allot(kinda developing a gambling problem), or later on in game when you get allot of chips, you go back to low chip tables and farm “newbies”.

Be WARNED, you’ll have hard time finding a table that does not have a multi bilion/trilion guy that is there to do the same thing.

The number of hands you require to win in order to get all the achievements listed above go from 10, all the way to 50,000 hands won.

P.S. You can combine this trick and the one below(Hands) in order to win hands even faster.


If you haven’t yet got a win on all the hand combinations there is in the game, you can go to lower chip tables and start multiple sessions, that way you make it much faster and easier, that is of course if you manage to keep up with all the tables and fast playstyles.

Two pair

Win a hand with two pair


Win a hand with three of a kind


Win a hand with a flush


Win a hand with a straight


Win a hand with a highcard


Win a hand with fullhouse


Win a hand with four of a kind

Straight Flush

Win a hand with a straight flush

Royal Flush

Win a hand with a royal flush



Unlock 5 saloons(Unlocks when you reach level 6)


Unlock 10 saloons(Unlocks when you reach level 19)


Unlock 15 saloons(Unlocks when you reach level 29)

Simple Achievements

Sit n Go

Play a sit n go poker game


Participate in a Bigwin tournament(unlocks at level 5)


Win a badge in any sit n go tournament(do it in Horseshoe at Beginners Lake, buy in costs only 10k).


Do a rebuy in any poker game(self explanatory).

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