Grounded – How to Obtain a Tier 2 Insect Axe

This guide explains how to obtain a Tier 2 insect axe, we take you through the quick basics but also explain how to fight the bugs with the precious loot!

Grounded – Tier 2 Axe – Easy

Insect Axes are the upgrade of the basic Pebblet Axe, giving you the ability to chop down much bigger weeds for more efficient construction material crafting. The Insect Axe is a fairly good option for a weapon, however at this stage in the game our go to is still the ant club! We recommend obtaining an ant club as the bugs you need to face for this axe can be tricky earlier on and the ant club makes it exponentially easier!

First, you’re going to need a Ladybug Head, from, you guessed it, killing a Ladybug. Hardest part is finding a lady bug they roam around the map and can often be in less than ideal places! The ladybug head is not a guaranteed drop and has taken us up to 5 ladybug kills to obtain!

Next, you need three Bombardier Parts. As mentioned above, Bombardier Beetles roam around the big rock by the rake on the western side of map. Acid spraying fast bugs, these guys are the real deal and are quite fast! Kite them round dodge the acid and some armour will always help!

Finally, you’re going to need some Spider Silk. You have 3 options (or 2 depending on how your inclined), sneak north into orbweaver territory and harvest spider webs, kill spiderlings and finally take on an orbweaver or wolf spider.

The easiest option solo would be killing spiderlings OR sneaking into the orbweaver area and harvest the webs.

As a team of 2-4, Orbweavers are easy mode and you can get other materials for crafting! Just bring an ant club or 4!

Just remember, You need a work bench for the insect axe, once you have the materials, head on over and craft your new Insect Axe!

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