Grow Home – Can’t Find any Star Seeds at All?

I ran into this issue unfortunately and somehow solved it accidentally. Still not sure of the exact reason or the specific resolution but I’ll write done what I did to solve it and hope it will help anyone who ran into this issue too.

What Is the Issue?

The issue is simple, I can’t find any star seeds on the map, they are not in the position they are supposed to be, nor on the beach, which is the place you will find the star seed if you drop it on the sea.

I noticed the issue when I try to do the Galactic Gardener achievement, which requires to collected all star seeds. Before that, I have already taken 1 star seed to the teleporter in the spaceship and got the Houston, we have a solution achievement.

How to Solve It?

The solution is not completely clear yet, but what I have done is: go back to the spaceship again, walk around the ship, and then jump out of the ship. After that, the cutscene began with the credit info, and all star seeds show up on the map where they are supposed to be.

Still not sure why the cutscene didn’t start when I put the first star seed into the teleporter, but this might be the reason that other star seeds didn’t show up on the map.

But I wouldn’t know the cutscene didn’t start since I had no idea about the cutscene before I actually saw it.

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