GTA 4 – Multiplayer & Mods with DLC (Patch 7 & 8 Downgrade)

Quick and easy way to downgrade your game to patch 7 or 8 with Multiplayer & mods but keep the DLCs in one game.

Mods to Get Beforehand

Radio Downgrader may be required for patch 7, but from a few minutes of freeroaming it worked for me without it too.

If you get the Radio Downgrader you also need Jinx’s EFLC Radio Stations mod to re-add the 3 EFLC stations.


  • Get the files from here (68 MB).

Extract everything into your IV folder and run patch_7.bat or patch_8.bat depending on which version you want to install. After the window closes you can launch the game through Steam as normal.

If the game asks for a serial you can either use your pre-March 19 EFLC or IV one if you wrote it down, ask Steam Support to give it to you if you didn’t, or buy any GFWL game and enter its serial, such as Flatout Ultimate Carnage or the original port of Halo 2.

Created by KicsiZee

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