GTA 5 – Casino Heist (Clothing Unlocks)

In order to get clothing unlocks in most cases you just have to complete the heist as crew member or leader, with some exceptions where you need to finish certain preps.

Only host can chose clothing set to use on heist so if you need anything you can ask host nicely to use it for easy unlock.

Silent & Sneaky

  • Balaclava Crook (Available by default)
  • Classic Crook (Available by default)
  • High-end Crook (Available by default)
  • Infiltration: Advanced Tech (Optional Prep: Infiltration Suits)
  • Infiltration: Modernized Tech (Optional Prep: Infiltration Suits)
  • Infiltration: Upgraded Tech (Optional Prep: Infiltration Suits)

The Big Con

  • Bugstars Uniforms (Mandatory Prep: Bugstars Gear Part I)
  • Firefighter Gear (Optional Prep: Firefighter Gear)
  • Gruppe Sechs Gear (Mandatory Prep: Gruppe Sechs Gear Part II)
  • Maintenance (Mandatory Prep: Maintenance Gear Part II)
  • Refuse Collectors (Mandatory Prep: Bugstars Gear Part II)
  • Yung Ancestors (Optional Prep: Yung Ancestor Exit Disguise)


  • Evening Armor (Available by default)
  • Oderly Armor (Available by default)
  • Upscale Armor (Available by default)
  • Reinforced: Bulk Combat (Optional Preps: Reinforced Armor)
  • Reinforced: Compact Combat (Optional Preps: Reinforced Armor)
  • Reinforced: Padded Combat (Optional Preps: Reinforced Armor


  • Valet Outfits (Mandatory Prep: Getaway Vehicles)
  • FIB Suits (Mandatory Prep: Hacking Device)
  • Prison Guards (Mandatory Prep: Vault Key Cards)
  • Undertakers (Optional Prep: Level 2 Security Pass)
  • Refuse Collectors (Mandatory Prep: Bugstars Gear Part II)
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  1. completeting the Heist with each different outfit. Does it unlock it and save it in my wardrobe? Or, unlock it and I have to buy it in a store?

    if anyone sees and responds that would be great! Thanks.


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