GTA 5 – Casino / Winning Inside Track (No Cheats)

Tips/guide on how to win the Casino Inside Track.

Winning Tips (no Glitches or Cheats)

Hello everyone. Here is how I make money at Casino – Inside Track. It’s a very simple guide that will increase your odds of winning just using common sense.

Takes time and patience, but can also be fun and easy way to make some extra cash.

Here are the best odds of winning scenarios for me:

As you can see in the pictures above, I place high bet on Evens and the horses with low pay but high chance to win only. The winning horse must have 2 chances difference over the second next best horse.

If there are 2 evens or 2 horse with the same chance of winning in the same session, I bet low. Also horses with only 1 difference chance of winning, it’s a risky bet. Like: 3/1 best horse and 4/1 next best horse. Bet low and wait for the opportunity.

Note: This is my personal way of winning and maybe is not working for you like this. Feel free to leave a comment if works for you too or if you have any questions. Enjoy the game and have fun.

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