GTA 5 – Dr!ft Mod / The Solution to Atrocious GTAO Drifting

The drift scene is almost dead. Double clutching is going out of style, and 15 degree angles are no longer impressive. Here’s the only (imho) viable way to revive it.

Setting the Scene

As of right now, here’s how things are looking.

The drift scene, in its current state, is almost non-existent. The top drifters of old have either lost interest, moved on or are so hard to find you’d think they’re collectable items. Double clutching, while still possible, results in pathetic angles and drift speeds and is sometimes ridiculously hard to pull off, for negligible gain. Hours spent training your reflexes and/or min-maxing the different car upgrade statistics in LS Customs will have been spent in vain, as being able to kick the back end out just a little more than you could without a “drift tune” is hardly impressive.

Low Grip tires, while not explicitly lying about their nature (they do, in fact, reduce grip), fail to provide anything other than making your car frustrating to handle. Only two cars get a tangible benefit from it – the RT3000 and the Remus – though, admittedly, it’s not a high bar to surpass.

The traditionalists will probably be offended – after all, having something you’ve practised for weeks be called “dumb” is quite offensive. However, it could not be anything else other than absolute truth.

Believe me when I say that I’ve tried almost everything before writing this – from slamming Rapid GTs to trying to find an optimal tune and to wasting millions in hopes of finding that one car that is good at the mystical art of drifting despite everything I just mentioned. I was wrong.

I tried the scalpel. Unfortunately, it was time to try the hacksaw.

A big hacksaw.

The Hacksaw, aka the Dr!ft Mod

Don’t let the name put you off.

This little tool can hardly be considered a mod menu as it provides zero advantages in competitive racing, doesn’t impact anyone else who might be in your session and doesn’t give you anything (apart from the ability to look cool as fck. R hasn’t found a way to monetize it yet, so don’t worry about it).

The way it works is by altering the clientside handling values of the vehicle you’re in. So, by definition, the anti-cheat cannot detect this. I can testify. I’ve been using it from update 1.61 through to 1.63, and not a single temporary/permanent ban has been issued. Besides, the R* Support team has more pressing issues other than some guy/gal wanting to slide around with style.

Upon booting up the tool, you should see this window pop up. Let’s run down the options.


We’re interested in the Drift Mode (obviously), but you can play around with other options if you want.

Traction Curve Lateral

The amount of grip your car retains. Lower values will result in smooth, long and slow slides, perfect if your car is unstable or puts down a lot of power. Higher values past 0.7 are not recommended, as it usually provides your car with too much grip to hold a proper slide.

Basically, the safe area is between 0.2 and 0.7. Lower for less grip – more for… more grip.

Max Steer Angle

Self-explanatory, and is, arguably, the most important setting. Vanilla steer angles are between 30 and 45, so you should feel a big difference in controllability when you turn it up to 55-70 in the tool. Set it too big – and you won’t hold a slide for longer than two seconds before changing directions. Set it too low – and you’ll spin out more often than not.

Handbrake Force

How strong the handbrake reacts to your input. Play around with it, or keep it at 1.


Power distribution. Works with any car, no matter the drivetrain (you can force the Elegy Retro Custom to be fully RWD, and a Futo to be AWD). Highly preferential, so keep it between 5 and 4.5 if you want the intended experience.

Suspension Raise

Your car’s suspension height after toggling the mod. Lower values lower it – higher values make it higher. Purely cosmetic. Too high – and your car will look horrendous. Too low – and the wheels will clip through the fenders.

Suspension Force

How soft/hard your suspension is. Haven’t really noticed an impact myself, so keep it in the middle – slightly to the right for the intended experience.

Reduce Damage

Reduces deformation. For when you don’t want to go back to LS Customs after every impact.

Where to Get It, How to Use It

By the time I’m done writing this, the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC will likely have been released. Whenever an update is added to the game, the tool will cease functioning until the devs patch it.

You can join their official discord to be notified of such occurrences:


You can get the tool itself from:

As stated before, it can be safely used in Online.

After booting up Online, launch the tool as administrator(!), choose your version and platform (Epic Games/Steam/R* Launcher) and set your desired toggle key. Enter a vehicle and press that key. The vehicle should become more prone to drifting around after 10-15 seconds. Press the key again to return the handling to its default state.


Do NOT switch sessions/enter missions/despawn your car while the modified handling is active. It will screw up the values and you’ll have to restart the game to get that particular car’s values to reset.

With that settled – have fun. Try different cars, slider values, and locations, and maybe even start a crew if you find someone else dedicated enough to the mystical craft of controlled sliding.

I will post some clips of me using it and what kind of drifts you can achieve with it later.

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