GTA 5 – Fleeca Heist Guide (GTA Online)

This guide will be a simplistic walk-through of all five of the original heists available via Lester Crest. They will include the following in order: The Fleeca Bank Job, The Prison Break Job, The Humane Labs Raid, Series A Funding & Pacific Standard Heist.


Lester assists in planning and performing a robbery on the Fleeca Bank branch located on the Great Ocean Highway. The Heist consists of two Heist Setups and one finale.


  • Minimum of 2 players.

Set-Up Cost:

  • $11,500 (Not required first time as Leader)


  • Safety Deposit Box 167


  • $57,500 (Easy)
  • ­$115,000 (Normal)
  • ­$143,750 (Hard)
  • Gas Mask & Head For Heists Award (800RP
  • Reduced prices forKuruma & Kuruma (Armored)


  • Prison Break

The Setup

Phase 1: Scope Out

Observe security at the Fleeca Bank on the Western Highway. Then collect Paige and some equipment from the factory and come back to the apartment to plan the score.

After meeting with Lester Crest at his garment factory, the player must return to their high-end apartment planning room and commence the setup. After recruiting another team member, they both exit the apartment and drive Lester to the Fleeca Bank on the Great Ocean Highway using Lester’s car.

After observing the bank, they must then return to Lester’s garment factory. On the way, whichever crew member is not driving is required to practice the hacking mini-game using Lester’s software. The mini-game consists of a constantly moving line that the player must guide from a start point to an end point. If it touches anything but the exit it fails and has to be restarted.

There are 3 levels to complete, with each one increasing in difficulty. Continued failure slows down the speed of the point but reduces the achievement level. The crew can’t go to the next part of the mission until the hacking mini-game has been completed.

Upon arrival at the garment factory, Paige Harris is waiting by a Granger with the heist supplies and the crew must leave the Asea and deliver this back to the heist Leader’s apartment garage to complete the setup mission.


  • ​$ Unknown (Easy)
  • $4,370 (Normal) (Crew Only)
  • $5,460 (Hard) (Crew Only)

Phase 2: The Getaway Car

Armored Kuruma – The car Lester sources is located in a multi-story parking lot in Del Perro, just opposite Backlot City, sitting directly above the Del Perro Freeway tunnel.

Upon arrival, the team are told to equip masks to keep a low profile and make their way up to the top floor where the Kuruma is located. At the top, the vehicle is guarded by Korean Mobsters. The Kuruma is sat between two trucks. The team must kill the Korean mobsters and retrieve the car without destroying it.

Making their way out of the parking lot, more mobsters will attempt to ambush the car within the parking lot. More mobsters pursue the team on their way back to Lester’s factory.

The Finale

The crew of two players will be tasked by Lester Crest to steal bonds from safety deposit box 167 at the Fleeca on the Great Ocean Highway in Banham Canyon.

By default, the host is assigned as Driller with a 60% take and the crew member as Driver with a 40% take, but this can all be changed once the game finishes introducing the heist board.

As The Driver:

The Driver takes control of the stolen armored Kuruma and drives to the Fleeca Bank with the Driller on board. If the Driller has not completed the hacking minigame yet, the Driver must wait until the other player completes said hacking. After arriving at the destination, they both equip masks and go into the bank.

The Driver controls the NPC witnesses and shoots out the four ceiling-mounted security cameras; the crew is provided Pump Shotguns for this. The Driver must destroy the cameras quickly. An on-screen indicator shows the driver the level of intimidation. They must not kill any of the witnesses but if the intimidation level drops to the minimum, the teller will trip the alarm to alert the police. Once the Driller secures the deposit box, the alarm will go off and the Driver is free to run for the Kuruma and wait for the Driller to get in.

As The ​Driller:

The Driller boards the armored Kuruma as a passenger. While the Driver gets to the bank, the Driller hacks their security system with the same hacking minigame as the previous mission. Just like before, the minigame consists of the player moving a constantly moving line from a start point to an end point. If it touches anything but the exit it fails and has to be restarted.

There are 3 levels with each one increasing the difficulty of the maze. Continued failure slows down the speed of the point but reduces the achievement level. After completing the minigame, the player is directed to use the cellphone to unlock the bank’s vault and equip the given mask to go into the bank.

While the Driver controls the witnesses, the Driller goes to the safety deposit boxes at the rear of the bank and plays a drilling minigame to open up the box and take the contents. The Driller’s goal is to drill through the lock of Safety Deposit Box 167 (represented on the HUD as a 2D lock mechanism with four pins). If the drill is pushed too hard, it overheats, turning the bit red and taking a few seconds for the bit to cool down.

Both Players:

After the opening the deposit box, the crew will get a three-star wanted level. They return to the Kuruma and Lester will say that he has paid a getaway guy, who is waiting for the crew at the Zancudo Bridge. There will be multiple police roadblocks along the way, consisting of Police Cruisers and Sheriff SUVs. The “getaway guy,” Eddie Toh, will be piloting a Cargobob with an electromagnet; drive below the magnet and match the Cargobob’s speed before reaching the tunnel so he can pick up the crew and escape from the police.

After the getaway, a cut-scene is triggered where the crew arrives at the factory, with Lester stepping outside and receiving the deposit box from the driller.


$1,935 (Easy)
$3,870 (Normal) (Crew Only)
$4,960 (Hard) (Crew Only)

Elite Challenge

  • Complete in under 5:20.
  • Nobody gets wasted.
  • Vehicle damage under 6%.
  • Do not quick restart
  • Do not trip skip (when replaying only).
  • ​The bonus for completing the Elite Challenge in the Heist Finale is $50,000.
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