GTA 5 – Guardian Whitelist / Eris HALP Service Manager

This is a short guide on how to use Guardian with an easier user interface. If you hate terminal and prefer “point and click” this might be what you need.

First Step – Digital Arc Website

Guardian is a firewall tool that can help you to run whitelisted public lobbies in Grand Theft Auto Online without having to deal with cheater scum ruining your game. But using Guardian (terminal) can be a bit tricky if you are not used to stuff like LINUX or MS DOS.


(Download Guardian if you want to try it as terminal). Register on site. This is the place where you and your friends connect for the first time – on the website. You need to be friends here before you can do the next step.

This website is also where you get your token – you will need that in the next step below.

Eris – HALP Server Manager – Connection to Cloud

So you don’t like to use terminal and Ctrl+C, spacebar and enter to manage your Guardian whitelist? Now you can use another app based on the same source code.

Have no fear – Eris is here:

Download and run as admin.

To set this up you need to copy your token from your account at the Digital Arc website. There is only need for doing this once – and it is pretty intuitive where to paste in into Eris -under the button “Settings”.

Once you have inserted your token your window will look like above with green light at the bottom half.

This is the first part. Now your Eris is connected to the cloud (same step if you use Guardian).

Adding Friends

This part is the same as well if you know what to do in Guardian.

To add friends the first step is to find them on the Digital Arc web page – find user and add to friends. Your requests there need to be accepted on the web page by your friends.

Ok so far so good.

You can with great ease se who your friends are on the Digital Arc web page. That part is super easey.

When you have friends (including those who act as hosts for whitelist lobbies) you can open Eris and go to the button down right “Settings”.

Then the window change and you can select “Lists”. Then select “Cloud”. “Permission”. “Request permission” to get connected to your friends on Digial Arcive – as sell as “Pending requests” if they have requested to be your friend. Same as using Guardian.

Se next section why you not should use this as host.

Testing – Do Not Use This as Host – Only for Friend Requests

When you are connected to your friends inside Eris/Guardian send a message to your friend(-s) who host. They will now be able to add YOU to their whitelist (in Guardian/Eris).

Well Eris works best if you are a regular player/member and not plan to host whitelisted sessions.

Why is that?

When you as a host is running Eris as whitelist (or auto-whitelist) your game will minimize 1-2 times each minute, and that is no good if you plan to play while hosting.

But if you just want to afk host – without using your pc – it might work. Yet, the screen stil flash even with the game in window mode running in the background – and that is very annoying if you plan to use your pc while you host.

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