GTA 5 – How to AFK in GTA Online (Easy Method)

Simple guide to AFK in GTA Online. Easier than you think, not the TV method!

How to AFK

Step 1: Own either an apartment with multiple garages or a nightclub. Basically you need this screen to pop up or any menu picker which is similar to this when you enter your business or property.

Step 2: Resupply all your businesses.

Step 3: Make sure you aren’t registered as a CEO or a President. (This step is required so that you don’t lose money for all those fees which can rack up to big amounts when you have alot of businesses).

Step 4: When you are ready to AFK go to the Nightclub or the apartment and when that menu picker screen pops up you are done. You can AFK.

Note: I have personally tried this and it works as far as I know. Just go to your nightclub or apartment and let the menu picker pop up and afk on that screen.

Created by SWALGO

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