GTA 5 – How to Make Lots of GTA Online Money (The Legitimate Way)

How to Make Lots of GTA Online Money


When you start out you want to work on getting an office, which will cost you some dough.

If you have Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack you will get a Free Office. (Get it) From the internet on your phone in the tab, Phone – Internet – Money and Services – Dynasty 8 Executive.

If you dont have Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, id recommend Getting the cheapest Office you can afford to start out, but its entirely up to you which one you chose to invest in.

Vehicle Warehouse or Two Small Crate Warehouses, or Two Large Crate Warehouses

Next you will want to get ether #1 a Vehicle Warehouse, or #2 Two Small Crate Warehouses, or #3 Two Large Crate Warehouses.

These are both great money income.

Id recommend getting the #1 Vehicle Warehouse then transitioning later in the game to #3 Two Large Crate Warehouses.

1# Vehicle Warehouse.

This wont to much but a Million to a few MIL.

Once you get the Vehicle Warehouse, you may optionally want to get a Cargobob (specifics later in guide).

I recommend getting the Vehicle Warehouse if you don’t have the initial Dough for #3 Two Large Crate Warehouses, If you have the Dough Hands down Go for the #3 Two Large Crate Warehouses.

#2 Two Small Crate Warehouses, or Two Large Crate Warehouses.

If you get ether the #2 Two Small Crate Warehouses, or #3 Two Large Crate Warehouses, you may Optionally want to get a Buzzard to Use with the CEO Menu While collecting Large Packages of Crates.

Don’t get the #2 Two Small Crate Warehouses if you Got the Vehicle Warehouse.

Don’t get the #1 Vehicle Warehouse if you opted out for the #3 Two Large Crate Warehouses.

With the #2 Two Small Crate Warehouses, or #3 Two Large Crate Warehouses.

You will Want to get Large Crate Package Sources Only. i also Recommend Getting the Buzzard so you can use the CEO menu Vehicles to Get the buzzard right next to you, and use the Buzzard to collect the Vans and Crates.

VEHICLE WH – sourcing all highend cars only. Setting it up, collect all collectable low end and mid range cars and keep them, then you will only source highend cars upto 78% vehicle wh filled. Don’t go over 78% if u do u will source any kind,

Sell1-4 Highend cars with 1-3 players with 78% and below wh size then resource high end cars and sell again and again.

CRATE WH – Sell when wh is completely filled. 1-3 players.

Buzzard or Cargobob, Molotok, Misc.

Get a Buzzard if you got ether the #2 Two Small Crate Warehouses or #3 Two Large Crate Warehouses.

Note: the Buzzard is worthwhile although it may not have as accurate missiles as the MK2 Oppressor.

It dose travel faster then the MK2 Oppressor. it is also cheaper, and you can spawn it next to you with the CEO Vehicle Menu.

Get a Cargobob if you’d like to try the glorious fun of helicoptering stolen cars if you bought the #1 Vehicle Warehouse. this can be very efficient, if you understand the missions you are undertaking and how to effectively use your Cargobob with the missions.

Misc: Later down the track you may want to invest in a Molotok Jet, if you opted for #3 Large Crate Warehouse, (mind you that, you may want to buy certain and not buy certain warehouses based off the fact that if they are easily accessible “land” “take off” “able to park in yellow circle”).

The Molotok is very usefull for very long distanced Crate missions that are of the 3x crate kind as opposed to a van, the molotok can easily take a lot less time then a buzzard mk2, or any other kind of vehicle, i do not recommend the Pyro as it is to large most of the time and its land, take off isnt as great as Molotoks, as for the lazer and hydra, they are not very durable and do not last as long. the hydra is not bad though, but the molotok is the quickest option for 3x crate missions.


Buy a bunker with upgrades you should be blessed to fill it with bought supply every 2.30hrs after 12.30hrs it should be full and sell to blane county for 1mil, with 2-3 other players with u to help us sell the goods, in 10mins or less.

Optionally you can research mk2 weapons and upgrades if u wish to now or later id go either 100% money or 50% research 50% money.

Get a MC clubhouse, Coke

Buy coke next, buy supply every 2.30hr 7,30hrs full sell for 420k. 2-3 players to help u.


Next get meth, every 2,30hrs buy supply after 7,30hrs full at 384k 2-3 players to help u sell.


Payout, 2.6mil every 15hrs passive(buying supply). Plus income from vehicle wh or crate whs.

From bunker, coke and meth you will make about 2.6mil every 15hrs, buying all the supplies every 2,30hrs, during the wait for the supply to produce the product(or money) work on your vehicle warehouse or crate warehouses to full.

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