GTA 5 – How to Sell Full Stock Bunker Solo (GTA Online)

A guide to sell your full stock bunker by your own. I am using this method to sell my cargo for a long time, I wanted to share it with you guys.

Guide to Sell Your Full Stock Bunker Solo

Hello, in this guide I’ll show how you can sell full stock bunker on your own. This sounds like hard but its actually very easy to do. You just need to drive to the location. You dont even need to shoot a gun and have a conflict with another player or NPC. I found this method by trying all the missions solo. And trust me, this is the optimal solution. Notice that I am talking about full stock, which gives you +1 million dollar when you sell it to Los Santos. Otherwise you can easily sell smaller portions of your stock like ~200,000 dolllars which does not require multiple vehicles. But I prefer selling full stock to regain time basically.

Bunker Location

First of all, you need a nice bunker location to sell to Los Santos on time. I used to have a bunker at Paleto Bay and it sucks. Because you are too far away from city that you cant even finish the mission on time. The bunker sell missions are 15 minutes unlike MC sell missions which are 30 minutes to do so you need to use time precisely.

Bunkers that are near to city:

  • Farmhouse Bunker $2,375,000
  • Logo Zancudo Bunker $1,550,000
  • Chumash Bunker $1,650,000

(These 3 bunker prices are much higher than other bunkers but it definitely worth the money).

After having a good location bunker, you need to look at the missions. When it comes to missions, there are 6 diffent types of missions that can be opened when you click sell button.

Bunker Sell Mission Types:

  • Phantom Wedge ✔
  • Insurgent❌
  • Insurgent Pick-Up Customs ambushed by Merryweather❌
  • Insurgent Pick-Up Customs ✔
  • Dune FAV which is the buggy❌
  • Marshall which is the monster truck❌

We will be doing only one’s that can be finished solo. These are the Phantom wedge mission and insurgent pick up custom mission. (Bold ones)

Remember that you should not be doing this in a populated lobby. You must be in a public lobby to trigger this mission but make sure that youre in a public solo lobby.

Once you’re in a public solo lobby and have a stock, you can go on and start the mission.

The game randomly opens one of the 6 missions. if its not the mission that youre looking for open the pause menu and find a new session. Don’t worry, only small amount of your cargo will go away. Remember, we are only looking for missions with insugent or phantom wedge. Repeat this process until you have the Phantom Wedge mission or Insurgent mission.

Insurgent Mission

Now the tricky part is that there are three different Insurgent missions. The specific Insurgent mission that we are looking for has 3 drop off points. You can always check whether you have three drop off points or not in the bottom right corner in mission.

Note: If you got Insurgent with double armor plating on its top, you are on the right mission.

From now on You only need to deliver the Insurgents. once you delivered first Insurgent take a fast vehicle (Could be helicopter or oppressor mk2) and turn back to take another Insurgent and repeat this process.

The Phantom Wedge Mission

Consists of 2 semi trucks both expected to be delivered at the same location. Again You only need to deliver the trucks. Once you delivered first truck, take a fast vehicle and turn back to take other truck.

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