GTA 5 – How to Setup The Cayo Perico Heist Efficiently

How you can complete the Cayo Perico Heist stealth and solo as quickly as possible. For best GTA $, this should be done solo and not with other players as this will ensure the best payout per hour.

First Mission – Scoping The Island

When scoping the Island, you should not scout out the loot as this will waste time. Instead look for the Communications Tower and hack the box. There are plenty of guides on YT on how to hack the box.

You will then need to check on CCTV and scope out the vault contents. If you haven’t done so already, scope out the Drainage Tunnel before leaving the Island as shown below:

Once you have discovered the Tunnel, you unlock this approach, which is the best currently.

You should then leave the Island and begin preps.

Prep Missions

You will only need to do 5 Prep Missions and they should be the following:

Approach Vehicles

  • Submarine Kosatka


  • Safe Code – if relevant to vault contents
  • Plasma Cutter – if relevant to vault contents
  • Fingerprint Cloner
  • Cutting Torch

You do not need to grab the Demolition Charges

Weapon Loadout

Your choice – I’d recommend the Aggressor, but whatever the Loadout, it is mandatory to buy the suppressor to ensure stealth.


Your Selections should be the following:

Approach Vehicle

  • Kosatka

Infiltration Point

  • Drainage Tunnel

Compound Entry Point

  • Drainage Tunnel

Escape Point

  • Kosatka – Doesn’t matter which one you choose as you will escape by boat anyway.

Time of Day

  • NIGHT maybe?! cus it looks cooler

Heist Play & Tips

When you spawn in, swim to the tunnel and cut through the gate. When you make it to the top of the compound, follow this video – big thanks to Torfik for providing the footage to the community.

When you are in the 1st floor, check the safe for extra cash, this typically ranges from 50k – 100k and it doesn’t count towards your bag count! Also, you should check for any paintings you can take from the room. You need to then hack the elevator (guides available on YT) and grab the vault loot.

For exiting the compound, follow this video – with thanks again to Torfik for providing footage.

You should then proceed to collect secondary loot at the Main Dock area, whilst continuing to eliminate guards. You should then take the Dinghy Boat that is spawned once your bag is full.

Primary Targets

  • Panther $1.73m Normal, $1.9m Hard
  • Pink Diamond $1.3m Normal, $1.43m Hard
  • Bearer Bonds $1.1m Normal, $1.21m Hard
  • Ruby Necklace $1m Normal, $1.1m Hard
  • Madrazo Files $1.1m
  • Tequila $900k Normal, $990k Hard

Secondary Targets

  • Gold $490k Full Bag
  • Coke $450k Full Bag
  • Weed $400k Full Bag
  • Cash $385k Full Bag
  • Art $365k Full Bag

Few Tips

During prep missions, try and use your Kosatka to fast travel to your objectives – it costs 2k instead of 10k once you have completed the Heist.

When leaving your Kosatka to go an objective in your Sparrow, return the Kosatka to storage as you can request this again when you have completed your prep. It should spawn closer.

Buy the Sparrow, don’t use the MK2 for landing and going from the Kosatka, you’ll be paying lots of 10k bills to reclaim.

Always play on Hard mode, to do this, complete the Heist and restart it as soon as you are able to do so. Playing on Hard mode will give you a 10% increase on primary targets. The Hard mode will be valid for 48 minutes (1 in-game day) once you have completed the Heist previously. Also, 100k will be up for grabs on the Elite instead of 50k.

For secondary targets, try to get Coke and Artwork, if you don’t have both, try for Paintings/Weed last. You should also be able to get the Elite challenge for extra GTA $ to compensate for Gold.

Stock up on all your businesses using the MCT before starting preps. You’ll be making product.

When you hack the Communications Tower during the 1st Mission, get caught by the nearest guard to fast travel to the airport.

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