GTA 5 – How to Win / Improve at Los Santos Tuner Races (GTA Online)

Los Santos Tuner Races (GTA Online) Guide

Note: Credit goes to robovelcrow

Want to climb those rep levels to get discounts on snazzy new cars? Here are a few tips, also applicable for normal races. But tuner races are the new ones, so…maybe more people will see it.

Step 1) Disable custom cars

Might be obvious, but you in your stock, given-by-race car, probably stand no chance against Johnny Big-Bucks in his top tier, top mods beast. Disabling custom cars at least means that everyone is on an equal playing field, and it’s just skill that determines the winner.

Step 2) Disable collisions

Nothing is more frustrating that doing well, turning in for the perfect racing line, and boom, the pillock behind you gives you a juicy T-bone steak. Also, some tracks have sections on the same road going both ways. A headon collision is not exactly World-Record worthy. Unless you’re particularly skilled at dirty racing, it’s worth removing that element of randomness.

Step 3) Find a car you can use

It’s not just about what’s the “best” or “meta” car if you can’t control the thing. I personally use the Calico GTF, but I’ve seen some guides that suggest the Jester, and I’ve seen some people win in the Comet RS, so it’s just about finding what fits your driving style.

Step 4) Hit that boost

A maybe lesser-known fact, but if you floor it just as the countdown hits GO! at the start of a race, you get a nice section of turbo. Just, make sure you don’t hit anyone else if collisions aren’t off. The way to tell is if other people’s cars are kinda transparent/ghosty.

Step 5) Learn to brake

Ever heard the story of the tortoise and the hare? Well, the tortoise probably won because it wasn’t skidding out and hitting every wall in the track. Sometimes to go faster, you gotta go slower. How, you ask? Quite simple. Brake, then turn. If you brake while driving straight, you’ll slow down faster (meaning you can brake later) AND you won’t risk skidding out on the corner. Also, being slower means you turn tighter. Simple, but a key skill to have in races, especially since a lot of the Tuner races have sharp corners.

Step 6) Learn the limits

So, fun fact, you don’t need to hit the yellow circle of checkpoints to actually collect them. Being within about a radius of the circle is good enough, meaning you can cut corners even sharper.

Step 7) Use shortcuts

On the map, you may notice a second set of yellow dots, that are more transparent. These are Shortcut Breadcrumbs. They might be hard to see on your first go round, but once you learn the track, you’ll learn them. Or, follow 1st place into them. So far I’ve only found ONE shortcut that wasn’t worth taking (whatever track is on the construction site, the first one is much slower than going around) so making use of them on every lap is key to gaining seconds and places.

Step 8) Avoid obstacles

Fences, lamposts, bollards, the insane lady that starts the race off. Hitting these are gonna slow you down, and might make you spin out. Posts on corners are particularly bad, since you might side-swipe them, or find out they’re the invincible kind. Races take place on roads for a reason.

Step 9) Have fun!

At the end of the day, it’s just a game. Throwing your controller across the room ain’t gonna help you come first. And, besides, you still get money, rep and RP for finishing the race in any place. So just enjoy the driving, enjoy the little improvements you make each race, and enjoy those sweet rewards at the end.

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