GTA 5 – Pegassi Toreador Review (GTA Online)

In this guide, I’ll review the new submersible weaponized car, Pegassi Toreador which came with Cayo Perico Heist DLC and share my opinions about it.

Toreador Review

Note: Credit goes to qarimbas

  • Price: 3,660,000$

This is an expensive car but it has its own benefits. Starting from, this car has 4 seats. And, after buying the car you can put this car in one of your usual garages or inside Kosatka which is the new submarine. Inside Kosatka, it will provide fast exit and it will be very useful for underwater missions. Since it has default machine gun and homing missiles.

Besides that, vehicle comes with sonar system equipped which allows you to find daily underwater collectibles, and you can see submarines neaby.

Also vehicle comes with boost defaultly which can be used at both underwater and land.
The boost is making the car so fast and it recharges rapidly. It basically looks like a cheat.

I maxed out all of the modifications. In order to upgrade this car, you have to go to LS customs to modify it. You can not modify the vehicle from Kosatka. I also tried to put the vehicle inside back of the avenger, but it didnt worked.

It can be blown up by 1 homing rockets. There is no armor and the windows have no protection.

This car is great and comes with useful features. I recommend buying this car if you have a submarine.

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