GTA 5 – Playing Cards Guide (GTA Online)

Find hidden Playing Cards throughout Los Santos and Blaine County to earn Casino Chips and RP. Collect them all to unlock bonus rewards and an exclusive reward in Red Dead Online.


There are fifty-four cards scattered throughout the state of San Andreas, located outdoors or inside various buildings, such as 24/7 stores. Find hidden Playing Cards throughout Los Santos and Blaine County to earn Casino Chips and RP. Collect them all to unlock bonus rewards and an exclusive reward in Red Dead Online.

Once collected, they give the player chips to use in the The Diamond Casino & Resort, as well as RP. The first five collected cards each give 100 chips, with each next one giving 50 chips more than the previous; the final card gives the player 2550 chips. The total amount the player receives for collecting all cards is 66,650 chips.

You can track how many Playing Cards you’ve collected via the Inventory section of the Interaction Menu. Collecting all cards will also grant the player a special High Roller outfit, a new deck of playing cards on the private table inside the Master Penthouse, a new decoration for the Master Penthouse, and an exclusive reward in Red Dead Online that will get them a Cardenas Poncho for free.

Detailed Map

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Locations & Descriptions

  1. At the Sonar Collections Dock, on the wooden railing.
  2. On an opening inside the Cable Car terminal.
  3. On a ATM on the side of the barber shop in Paleto Bay.
  4. On the desk inside Beeker’s Garage.
  5. On one of the tables located east of the Procopio Truck Stop.
  6. Next to a campfire near a path on Mount Gordo.
  7. On the desk at the back of the LTD Gasoline store in Grapeseed.
  8. Inside the McKenzie Field Hangar at McKenzie Field.
  9. On a window sill at Cape Catfish.
  10. On a table outside the Park View Diner on East Joshua Road.
  11. On a table tennis table at the Foreclosed North Alamo Pier.
  12. At the observation deck in Raton Canyon.
  13. On a speaker at Stab City.
  14. On a wrecked forklift behind a house in Sandy Shores.
  15. Inside the Sandy Shores Fire Station, Sandy Shores.
  16. On a washing machine next to the entrance of the You Tool store.
  17. On a porch railing at the Senora Desert Trailer Park.
  18. On the pool table inside the Yellow Jack Inn.
  19. On the letter L at the Rebel Radio Building, Grand Senora Desert.
  20. On a workbench at the side of a house on Joshua Road.
  21. On the porch of a house in Great Chaparral.
  22. At the back of the Discount Store in Great Chaparral.
  23. Inside the booth at the west entrance of Fort Zancudo.
  24. On the north side of Chumash Plaza, Chumash.
  25. At the back of a 24/7 store in Chumash.
  26. At the back of a LTD Gasoline store in Richman Glen.
  27. At the bathrooms in the car park of the Galileo Observatory.
  28. On a tool cabinet in a shed at La Fuente Blanca.
  29. On the counter of the Ammu-Nation at the Tataviam Truckstop, Tataviam Mountains.
  30. At the back of the Rob’s Liquor store in Murrieta Heights.
  31. At the back of the LTD Gasoline store in Mirror Park.
  32. On a workbench at Auto Exotic, Hawick.
  33. On a table inside the Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank, Downtown Vinewood.
  34. On one of the chairs at the Gentry Manor Hotel.
  35. On a table tennis table behind a house on Didion Drive, Vinewood Hills.
  36. On a sofa inside a garage at a house on Steele Way.
  37. On a large chess piece behind a house on Sam Austin Drive.
  38. At the entrance to a swimming pool on Boulevard Del Perro.
  39. On a small stone wall in Richards Majestic.
  40. At a kiosk on the Del Perro Pier.
  41. On a coffee table inside the barber shop in Vespucci.
  42. On a piece of gym equipment at the gym on Vespucci Beach.
  43. On a bench at the Puerto Del Sol Station.
  44. On a coffee table near the changing rooms in the Ponsonbys in Burton.
  45. On a bench at the fountain plaza of the FIB Headquarters, Pillbox Hill.
  46. On a table at the back of the Ammu-Nation in Pillbox Hill.
  47. In the Vanilla Unicorn strip club, on a sofa near the entrance.
  48. Inside the Davis Fire Station.
  49. Near the counter inside the tattoo parlor in El Burro Heights.
  50. Inside a wrecked bus in an alleyway in La Mesa.
  51. On a table at the back of the Ammu-Nation in Cypress Flats.
  52. On a table at the Jetsam Terminal, Terminal.
  53. In a booth at a car park near the Maze Bank Arena.
  54. On a bench at Los Santos International Airport, outside the underground transit entrance. ​
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