GTA 5 – Premium Race Lap Guide

Hotlap video clip and explanation of the best line to use the next time you race for this week’s Premium Race.

Premium Race Lap Guide: Eight Figure Bonus

If you want to legitimately win Premium Races then study the lines of this hotlap video.

Watch and examine the hotlap thoroughly. Apply the lines I have used in the video the next time you participate in a premium race. You may practice the track alone before you go to the actual race itself. Start with 50 to 80% pace if you are unfamiliar with the track yet and pick it up once you get a hang of it.

This may not be the most perfect lap ever but this video is to just show you the best lines.

Things You Need To Take Note Of

  • Turns 1st and 2nd (which are the ones just before the bridge at Alta where the freeway is located underneath) are very tricky corners to master as I’ve seen most people overshoot themselves to the freeway exit. I would recommend that you memorize the placement of the bumps, gutters, grass and bushes of the corners and practice taking them a lot of times by going back to the corner over and over again.
  • The pothole located at turn 4 (located near Lester’s warehouse) will unsettle your car if you go through it. Avoid it at all costs.
  • In turn 5 (near the forever unfinished skyscraper at Pillbox Hill), the pro line in the video is optional to do. You may proceed taking the corner without being inside of the pedestrian pole.
  • Avoid the bush (which is next to the tree) at the last corner or it will pull the back of your car, causing you to lose front grip, and then crash onto one of the nearby poles at the corner exit.
  • Brake boosting plays a very crucial role on this track as this track composes of mostly straights and fast turns. Missing one brake boost would lose you up to a second from your lap time.
  • You could stick with using the Turismo Classic or the Cheetah Classic but I would recommend you to use either the Stirling GT and Retinue Mk.II as both cars are more smoother when driven over bumps and that the track also mainly consists of a lot of sidewalks and potholes. Make sure to apply any offroad wheels (preferably Raiders) on both and the lowest suspension for only the Retinue.
  • Short shifting is also important in this track as well. In fact, it is important to do so in most cars and tracks.
  • Finally, if you want to go even more fast, disable your V-Sync or any frame limiter software you got. By doing so would give you more effective curb/kerb boosts.

Glossary Of Terms

  • Brake boosting – It is a glitch in the game for which you would gain a few milliseconds of extra traction bonus if you were to press the brake whilst still holding down the throttle while on a very concave road, pothole or edge of the sidewalk. All of this while your car’s wheels are still touching the ground and the suspensions have slightly expanded.
  • Short shifting – Another glitch in the game wherein you would force shift the transmission of your car to the next gear by half-pressing the throttle trigger of your controller before the car would even shift by itself. Curb/Kerb boosts are made more effective when this is also applied.
  • Curb/Kerb Boosting and Surfing – Basically when the suspension of your car compresses when you drive on gutters, sidewalks and potholes, the engine of the car would climb up the revs faster which in turn would make your car accelerate also faster. You would notice that your car could easily reach 225+ Kph (140 MPH) on the city than on the airport and the reason for it is the bumps on the city roads. Having more the FPS, the more effective the boost. This has something to do with the rebound rate of the suspension.

    **These glitches have become a part of the game’s racing community for a long time now. Feel free to call them as cheating but my definition of cheating is the use of mod menus and having higher than 60 FPS.
  • Pro Line – A term used to describe a racing line that is very hard to master for which you would risk your lap time in exchange for a shorter time spent on that part of the track.

Should you have any questions you may ask them in the comments. I might respond back quickly depending if I am busy or not. Have fun getting them ez monis, fastboi.

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