GTA 5 – Prison Break Job Guide (GTA Online)

This guide will be a simplistic walk-through of all five of the original heists available via Lester Crest. They will include the following in order: The Fleeca Bank Job, The Prison Break Job, The Humane Labs Raid, Series A Funding & Pacific Standard Heist.


Lester Crest introduces you to Agent 14. The agent wants the crew to release an ex-military researcher named Maxim Rashkovsky from the Bolingbroke Penitentiary. The Heist consists of four Heist Setups and one finale. It can be completed with a total of 4 players.


  • 4 Players

Set-Up Cost:

  • $40,000


  • Professor Maxim Rashkovsky


  • $200,000 (Easy)
  • $400,000 (Normal)
  • $500,000 (Hard)

Reduced prices for Velum 5-Seater, Unlocks Prison Bus & the Casco, Go To Jail & ­Parole Day Achievement/Trophy/Award.


  • Humane Lab Raid

The Setup

Phase 1: The Plane

Agent 14 tells the crew that the Vagos have a Velum 5-Seater at McKenzie Field that they are using to transport drugs across the border. This setup splits the crew into two teams: the Ground Team consisting of three players and the Pilot. The host is the Pilot by default, but as usual, can reassign roles as needed.

As The Ground Team:

The Ground Team is responsible for clearing the airfield of Vagos members, who are located around the hangar’s front, guarding the plane. The crew has to make their way through the airfield and letting the Pilot taking the vehicle.

After taking most of the first group, Agent 14 informs the crew of reinforcements coming to the airfield, consisting of Emperors and Cavalcades arriving from several access points of the airfield, there are two waves of inbound enemies one after the other. The group must then eliminate the enemy reinforcement while keeping the airfield clear for the Pilot.

Once all Vagos members are eliminated, Agent 14 informs the crew that the area is clear. In a few weeks, the story will be leaked to a reporter and the Vagos will be blamed for the prison break. Once the Pilot is airborne, they are instructed to leave the airfield and largely left to otherwise do as they please as they wait for the Pilot to deliver the plane.

As The Pilot:

The Pilot is responsible for taking the Velum 5-Seater and flying it from the airfield. The Pilot requires coordination from the Ground Team, as one is unable to detect all enemies on the Radar. However, it does not forbid one from helping the Ground Team if necessary.

Once the Pilot is airborne and leaves the area, Agent 14 instructs them to deliver the plane to a hangar (Devin Weston Jet Charter) at Los Santos International Airport. Once the Pilot arrives at the reticle inside the hangar where two agents are waiting, the mission is completed.


  • $7,600 (Easy)
  • $15,200 (Normal) (Crew Only)
  • $19,000 (Hard) (Crew Only)

Phase 2: The Bus

The crew needs to steal a Prison Bus that is to be used to infiltrate the Bolingbroke Penitentiary to rescue Maxim Rashkovsky.

The bus is currently moving from the prison to Paleto Bay. Agent 14 warns that it is transporting an high-level prisoner, so security presence is high. The security consists of a FIB vehicle and a Police Maverick, which the team has to take out. All players will receive a three-star wanted level upon attacking the security group, and the bus driver will attempt to escape, so the team has to kill him to stop the vehicle and steal it. From there, they will need to lose the wanted level, with Agent 14 suggesting to take the vehicle off the main roads.

After losing the police, the player who took the prison bus must deliver it to a scrapyard near Sandy Shores to complete the mission.


  • $7,600 (Easy) (Crew Only)
  • $15,200 (Normal) (Crew Only)
  • $19,000 (Hard) (Crew Only)

Phase 3: The Station

Agent 14 instructs the crew that they need to retrieve an inmate transfer schedule and Rashkovsky’s Lampadati Casco sports car. The crew is split into two teams with the corresponding objectives: Cop Station and Cargo Ship.

Cop Station:

The Cop Station team, dressed as police officers, must steal a Police Cruiser by any means, either by committing crimes or simply dialing 911 on the Mobile Phone. When they see a Police Cruiser, they must steal it and lose the wanted level.

With the vehicle acquired and the wanted level removed, they are instructed to infiltrate the Mission Row Police Station and get the schedule from the room located near the entrance. After that, the player who picked up the schedule must return to the vehicle. The team is then tasked with going to the underpass behind Lester’s Warehouse and destroying the vehicle. Two Jerry Cans are provided to burn the vehicle, as well as a Felon GT near the marked area to leave once the job is done.

The team is now able to return to the host’s apartment to leave the schedule in the planning room. If the Cargo Ship team has not completed their part yet, the team can either wait or help them with their mission.

Cargo Ship:

The Cargo Ship team is tasked with going to Terminal, where Agent 14 informs that Rashkovsky’s Casco is stored inside a container from a cargo ship. The ship is heavily protected by an enemy gang and the marked container is at the top of the stack, so the team has to be careful and take out the enemies near the access stairs, around the container stacks and on top of them. The team can reach the marked container by either the access stairs from the ship’s bridge or from the few containers around the ship’s bow. Another method is by climbing the middle crane and using the provided parachute to jump down to the container.

Once the team gets to the marked container, they just need to shoot the lock. A small cutscene is triggered, where the team (or the player who gets to the container), gets to the sides of the car and enters it. After that, the driver just needs to accelerate and jump off the container stack.

The team is instructed to drive the vehicle to the drop-off location near Sandy Shores. They have to be careful, as a enemy gang will spawn in attempting to take out the team. Before the drop-off location is shown, the player first has to lose the cops.

Once the Casco is delivered to the drop-off location. From there, if the Cop Station team has not completed their part yet, the team can either wait, spectate or help them with their mission. A Baller is provided in case they have to help out.

Both Teams:

Once both the schedule and the Casco are delivered to their corresponding locations, the mission is completed.


  • $7,600 (Easy) (Crew Only)
  • $14,700 (Normal) (Crew Only)
  • $18,500 (Hard) (Crew Only)
  • Reduced price for Casco

Phase 4: Wet Work

After successfully completing the three previous setups, the crew reunites with Agent 14 at the apartment’s planning room. He plans to clean up a few loose ends by killing two lawyers and a professor’s old business associate. While he informs that the lawyers, Josh Sherman and Gavin Van Der Loop, are carrying the documents they will use against Rashkovski, he warns that the business associate of the professor, Dima Popov, is extremely paranoid and has a huge security team.

The crew will be then separated into two teams of two for this mission: the City Hall Team, which takes care of the lawyers, and the Mansion Team, which takes care of the professor’s associate.

City Hall Team:

The City Hall Team is instructed to go to the City Hall and use a ladder from the opposite building to access the rooftop. Once they get their long-range weapons and stay on the vantage point, Agent 14 indicates that the lawyers will arrive shortly in a black Benefactor Schafter – they are instructed to not shoot at them until they are out of the car.

Once the targets are out of the car, both players have to kill both of them simultaneously. They are instructed to collect a deposition from the lawyers. However, a wanted level is triggered, and the LSPD surrounds the City Hall entrance, forcing the team to fight against them to retrieve the deposition.

Once the deposition is acquired, the team needs to lose the cops before taking the item to the apartment’s planning room.

Mansion Team:

The Mansion Team is instructed to go to the outlook near the mansion in Richman Glen. The crew is instructed to reach Popov and kill him without alerting any of the bodyguards. A Pistol with a Suppressor is provided for the team. If the team is spotted by the bodyguards, they will engage in combat against them, while Popov will try to escape down the ladders to reach his vehicle. However, the team still has a chance to kill him before he drives away.

Once Popov is killed, the team has to leave the area. If the City Hall team have not completed their part yet, the team can wait or help them with their mission.

Both Teams:

Once the deposition is retrieved and outside the area after killing Popov, the mission is completed. This also unlocks the heist finale: The Prison Break.


  • $7,600 (Easy)(Crew Only)
  • $15,200 (Normal) (Crew Only)
  • $19,000 (Hard) (Crew Only)

The Finale

The team reunites at the apartment’s planning room. Here, Agent 14 calls in that the schedule has been “brought forward”, stating that the death of Rashkovsky’s partners had caused attention and a price has been put on his head. Agent 14 then briefs the plan: the officer and prisoner get inside the prison to collect Maxim Rashkovsky, while the demolition team takes care of the scheduled bus, and the pilot waits for evac, so Rashkovsky can get out of the country.

The team then splits into four different roles:

Prison Officer & Prisoner:

Two players, disguised as a prison officer and prisoner, and provided with AP Pistols (Prison Officer gets a Special Carbine), have to get in the stolen Prison Bus and enter Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Agent 14 instructs them to stay calm to get inside with no trouble. After that, players can maintain their cover before passing a guard armed with a Pump Shotgun. The guard will become suspicious and order them to stop, forcing the players to attack anyone in the area. The guards will also become suspicious and attack if the Officer or Guard player sprint or otherwise draw attention to themselves.

The players then climb up the ladder or use a nearby stairwell to get up to the walkways, then descend again to reach the central area of the prison where Rashkovsky is located. They have to first take out the oncoming guards, while Agent 14 warns that the NOOSE were called in.

A cutscene is triggered, where the player acting as a prisoner finds Rashkovsky and gives him a Pistol. After the cutscene, the group will take cover behind small barriers and face off against the NOOSE agents, which are scattered along the escape route, along with prison guards. Enemies will also spawn on elevated areas, so the group has to be careful. Respawning Body Armor will be scattered on two points: right before taking a turn to the right and another one past the parking lot of the buses. Care should be taken when advancing through sections, as trying to double back to restock on the body armor may fail the mission due to leaving the mission area.

Once you clear the area and bring Rashkovsky outside, the group can take a Police Riot from nearby and make their way to the plane, evading the oncoming cops.


Demolitions will be provided with a Jerry Can and Sticky Bombs. The player is tasked to intercept the scheduled Prison Bus by taking out the driver. Agent 14 suggests following the route bypassing near the prison and driving it to the Sandy Shores Airfield, so the player can destroy the vehicle.

After taking care of the bus, the player is instructed to get a Buzzard Attack Chopper ahead from their location. It is lightly guarded by two Merryweather Security enemies, who can easily be taken out. Once the player obtains the vehicle, Agent 14 instructs them to protect the plane from the enemy jets attempting to shoot it down.

When the prison group manages to get Rashkovsky out of the prison, the player is instructed to defend the group by taking out the oncoming police vehicles, including Police Mavericks.

As The Pilot:

The Pilot is instructed to pick up the Velum 5-Seater from LSIA for the getaway. An unknown contact messages the player that their window of opportunity is closing, so they have limited time to get the vehicle and fly towards Blaine County.

As soon as the player heads to the airfield, Agent 14 warns that the plane was red-flagged, and P-996 LAZERs were sent to bring it down. The Pilot has to evade them by staying outside their front. If a jet manages to face the plane, it will fire unguided rockets, so the Pilot has to perform sharp turns and let the Demolitions player take it out.

When the prison bus manages to exit the area, the Pilot is informed of the situation and is instructed to find a place to land the vehicle and pick them up. Once inside, the Pilot must take off, lose the cops, and fly towards Palomino Highlands.

All Teams:

Once the plane reaches its destination, a cutscene is triggered, where the crew starts leaving the plane while Rashkovsky takes control of it. After that, the crew parachutes down to the beach. Once all members of the team are on the beach and get in the Buzzard, the Demolitions player can fly back to the city to complete the mission.


  • $200,000 (Easy)
  • $400,000 (Normal)
  • $500,000 (Hard)

Elite Challenge

  • Rashkovsky damage 1% or less
  • Extraction in under 4:40 (The “Extraction” timer is activated once the cutscene of finding Rashkovsky is triggered and ends when the plane gets in its destination.)
  • Nobody gets wasted
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