GTA 5 – Series A Funding Guide (GTA Online)

This guide will be a simplistic walk-through of all five of the original heists available via Lester Crest. They will include the following in order: The Fleeca Bank Job, The Prison Break Job, The Humane Labs Raid, Series A Funding & Pacific Standard Heist.


Trevor will suddenly come into the heist leader’s apartment along with Ron and Chef, welcoming the crew to Trevor Philips Industries. Trevor is hooked up with a drug sale, but without the actual drugs to sell he tasks the crew to obtain the “goods” so that he can proceed with the deal.

The Heist consists of five Heist Setups and one finale. Ron will be the one coordinating the operation through headset during the setups and later Trevor will join the operation personally.


  • Minimum of 4 players.

Set-Up Cost:

  • $40,400​


  • Protect Trevor and the Product


  • $202,000 (Easy)
  • $404,000 (Normal)
  • $505,000 (Hard)

Reduced prices for the Karin Technical Technical & Mule. Unlocks Product Placement & In The Name of Science Achievement/Trophy/Award.


  • ­Pacific Standard

The Setup

Phase 1: Cocaine

The crew will be divided in two teams of two: a boat team that will approach the yacht by sea and a chopper team that will approach it by air. The boat team must go to Vespucci to pick up a Tropic, while the chopper team must go to Higgins Helitours in La Puerta to pick up a Frogger. Both teams must go to the yacht, while Ron suggests they need to coordinate their attacks to be successful.

There are eight packs of cocaine scattered on the yacht, some in the cabins and others in the below deck. The yacht is heavily guarded and enemies will open fire upon approach. During the attack, some reinforcements will arrive in Police Mavericks. The Chopper team can choose to either provide assistance from the air or land on the yacht’s helipad to help the other team.

Once all packs have been collected, the entire team must regroup and enter the Frogger or escape on the docked Seasharks, then lose any wanted level the team might have, before delivering the coke to the warehouse under the Los Santos Freeway in East Vinewood. After the coke is delivered to Ron, the mission is complete.


  • $7,676 (Easy)
  • ­$15,352 (Normal)
  • $19,190 (Hard)

Phase 2: Trash Truck

The crew is split into two teams of two: the Operators and the Collectors. Everyone is instructed to go to the recycling center in Alta Street, Pillbox Hill, where they have to collect a Trashmaster by killing the guards found around the area and get in their respective positions (Operators get in the truck’s cabin and Collectors on the back). Once everyone gets in the truck, the Operators are instructed to drive at the locations while the Collectors have to pick the trash bags and take them to the truck’s trash compactor.

The first location is in Forum Drive, where there will be two bags. They have 10 minutes to collect the rest of them once they get to the location.

The second location is in Capital Boulevard, where there will be three bags. As soon as one bag is collected, Vagos will spawn within the area and will try to stop them. The Operators have to take them out while the Collectors have to bring the bags to the truck. Collectors are able to defend themselves if necessary. Not all enemies have to be killed to progress onto the next location.

The third location is in Supply Street, where there will be four bags. Again, enemies will spawn within the area and the crew have to defend themselves. They have to be careful, as the location is on a gas station. The fourth and final location is in Vespucci Boulevard, where there will be five bags in an alleyway. More enemies will spawn to stop the team, so the crew have to take them out.

After getting the last bags, the crew gets in the truck and deliver it to the warehouse under Los Santos Freeway in East Vinewood. Vagos will keep attacking the team along the way, so the crew have to defend themselves. Once the Trashmaster has been delivered to Ron Jakowski, the mission is complete.


  • $7,676 (Easy)
  • ­$15,352 (Normal)
  • $19,190 (Hard)

Phase 3: Bikers

For this operation, the crew will be instructed to head to head to trailer in Sandy Shores. Trevor informs the crew that they will be attacking The Lost MC and stealing their vans filled with cocaine. He says that he has left some silenced weapons for them in his garage should the team require them.

After arriving at the trailer and obtaining the weapons if needed, the crew commandeers a Dinghy nearby and travel to Stab City. While approaching, Trevor explains that the crew will have to use stealth to take out The Lost members before moving the vans with the cocaine. If any of The Lost members spot any of the players or spots another member being killed, the mission will fail.

Once all members have been killed, the crew will pick up the two vans and deliver them to the warehouse under Los Santos Freeway in East Vinewood. Along the way, members of The Lost will attack and chase them down in both bikes and Lost Slamvans. Once both vans have been delivered to Ron Jakowski, the mission is complete.


  • ­$7,676 (Easy)
  • $15,352 (Normal)
  • ­$19,190 (Hard)

Phase 4: Weed

The crew is split into 2 teams: the ground team that will infiltrate the sawmill, and both an East and West Lookout that that will provide cover to the ground team. Ron instructs the crew to head to the sawmill and informs them that the sawmill holds a weed operation controlled by the Ballas and that they are in possession of a Technical that Trevor wants them to get.

Once at the sawmill, the two lookouts will get into their positions, covering the ground team with a Sniper Rifle or any long-range weapon, one east and the other west of the sawmill. Once both of them are in position, the ground team will attack from the main entrance.

The ground team must fight off the Ballas and reach the two Bensons parked in the middle of the sawmill. Once each member of the ground team has obtained a Benson, the lookout team will be instructed to pick up the Technical parked near the entrance to the sawmill. Now the ground team must take the Bensons to the warehouse under the Los Santos Freeway in East Vinewood, while the lookout team will escort and protect them from any groups of Ballas using the Technical. Once the Bensons have been delivered to Ron Jakowski, the mission is complete.


  • $7,676 (Easy)
  • $15,352 (Normal)
  • $19,190 (Hard)

Phase 5: Steal Meth

In this operation, the crew is instructed to head to the O’Neil Ranch in Grapeseed. Trevor informs the crew that a tanker full of meth juice is being held on the ranch, and that they need to steal it and bring it to Chef to begin setting up his cooking operation at the gas station. When arriving, the meth dealers both inside the house and scattered around the ranch will begin to attack.

Once the majority of the meth dealers have been killed, one of the players has to steal one of the semi trucks parked north of the main house and hook it up to the tanker parked in front of the barn near the main house. The crew will then take the tanker to the meth lab in Ace Liquor. The meth dealers will chase and attack the tanker and players with Sandkings along the way. Once the tanker has been delivered to Chef, the mission is complete.


  • $7,676 (Easy)
  • ­$15,352 (Normal)
  • $19,190 (Hard)

The Finale

When the Finale begins, Ron informs the crew that every group involved in the setup jobs has been informed of the location of their stolen drugs and that Trevor was behind it all. Trevor is currently at the warehouse under Los Santos Freeway in East Vinewood with the drugs and needs help fending off the attackers.

Later when approaching the warehouse, Trevor informs the crew that two of them will be positioned at the north end of the warehouse and two at the south end. The crew will have to defend Trevor and the trucks, before moving the trucks to the buyer’s meeting place at a house by El Gordo Lighthouse.

When the initial attackers at the warehouse are finished, the crew will have to transport the trucks to the lighthouse, with two players in their own Mule and two players in a Technical defending the trucks. Along the delivery route, the attackers will continue to pursue the convoy, with Ballas in Ballers, The Lost in Slamvans and Daemons, and the frat boys in Froggers (if they are not taken out at the initial part of the getaway).

The heist concludes when all the vehicles converge at the Lighthouse. Trevor thanks the crew for successfully moving the product to its destination, and gives a garbage bag of cash to the crew, telling them to disperse before more attention arrives.

In the cutscene after the heist, the buyer asks Trevor where the cocaine is, which makes Trevor grow suspicious, as he never revealed his name to the buyer and neither that he was selling cocaine. It turns out that the drug deal is actually a sting operation, and the buyer is a DOA agent instead. The agent tries to make the arrest, but Trevor dives off of a cliff into the water and stays submerged while being fired upon by the agent and the LSPD. Trevor manages to elude the authorities and swims to shore.


  • $202,000 (Easy)
  • $404,000 (Normal)
  • ­$505,000 (Hard)

Elite Challenge

  • Complete in under 6:30 minutes
  • Kill 75 enemies
  • Nobody gets wasted
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