GTA 5 – The Best Car in Every Class (GTA Online)

This guide contains the fastest and most comfortable cars for each class. It should be said that you should not buy cars of some classes, because races in these classes are very rare.


So. One of the fastest cars in the class – Supercars at the time of 2020 is the Benefactor Krieger. It is also one of the most expensive vehicles in the game ($ 2,875,000). There are, of course, supercars with a higher top speed, but judging by the criteria of handling, acceleration, top speed, it is the Krieger.


Best Sports Car – Grotti Itali GTO, selling by Legendary Motorsports for $ 1,965,000. According to the criteria stated in the supercars section, this car ranks first.


Sports classics are sports cars of the last century only. I do not recommend taking them because in these classes races be rarely happens. In my opinion, the best sport class transport is the Grotti Turismo Classic. It is selling by Legendary Motorsports for $ 705,000.

Muscle Cars

My top spot in muscle cars is the Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire. It’s pretty good looking and fast. Can be purchased on the San Andreas Super Autos website for $ 750,000.


The leader among compact cars is the Grotti Brioso R / A, sold in San Andreas Super Autos for $ 155,000. In general, I do not recommend taking a car of this class, because they are practically not used.


According to one friend, the Nagasaki Outlaw is the perfect all-terrain vehicle. But you can see another option, like the $ 345,000 Canis Kamacho at San Andreas Super Autos.


The best off-road vehicle is the Pegassi Toros. It is selling at Legendary MotorSports for $ 498,000.


Among the bikes, the best are the Nagasaki Shotaro and Shitzu Hakuchou Drag. The Shotaro is better in handling, and the Shitzu is better in maximum speed. They`re both selling on Legendary Motorsports.


The best car has not yet been determined, but you can take the Progen PR4. Don’t trust me better.

Armored Cars (Subtype)

Of the armored cars that have bullet-resistance, it’s worth taking Kuruma. And from those holding rockets it is worth taking the Nightshark. Maybe you can buy duke`s of death, he`s faster than kuruma, but its to your taste.

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