GUNDAM EVOLUTION – Actually Fast & Helpful New Player Guide

Ok, since the game doesn’t tell you things you need to know, here it is: This will be quick, read basics and scan the rest for what you care about or want to know.

New Player Guide


  1. For voice chat to work you must default press “P” and join the team Voice Room.
  2. Default Push-To-Talk is “U” to mute your mic the default keybind is “M” (if you don’t have push to talk on).
  3. To add friend from main menu look top right and press the “+” icon then go to “player search” and add your friend.
  4. All keys are re-bindable by scrolling down in controls including to mouse buttons, I personally use mouse buttons and it makes move you combo together much faster.
  5. Buying the battle pass can instantly unlock ranked, but its up to you if you want to go in with no practice. I would recommenced against it til you get an understanding of the mobile suit abilities from seeing enemies use them or yourself.
  6. To change region its at the starting screen in the top right. (It’s a drop down menu).

Classes and Roles Quickly (The Main Ones You See)

  1. Tanks: (All suits with shields) Main two you see are Sazabi and GM
  2. Ranged Bruisers: all 1000hp+ non healers without shields Main ones you see are Pale Rider, Gun Tank, Asshimar and Gundam
  3. Melee Bruisers: Zaku II (melee) (the one with gold leaf on chest)
  4. Supports: Methuss (most healing output) and Dom Trooper (great for pushing but trades healing power for a close ranged bruiser playstyle)
  5. Off-tanks They wont push or hold a front line but if with a tank they will displace the enemy team Marasai, Zaku II melee and Pale Rider (cause his aoe heal but 200 less hp then Marasai
  6. Flankers all sub 1000 hp mobile suits that are not supports, Main ones you see are Barbatos (melee), Exia, Unicorn Gundam and Zaku II.


  1. Ranked is unlocked at level 20 or if you buy the battle pass.
  2. They are always a mix of capture point or plant the bomb and defend it.

The Shop and The Question “Is It Pay to Win” (No)

  1. Is it pay to win? Not really, all but 12/17 mobile suits are unlocked at the start and the bought ones are more niche roles instead of just better X.
  2. Gold currency is for real $$$, blue is used for boxes and dupes give green which is for emotes and profile pictures and such.
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