Guns Gore & Cannoli – Enemy Guide


Lets start with the biggest enemy, zombies.

  • Normal Zombies: Normal zombies with nothing special to them.
  • Sign Zombies: Zombies that can only be killed by headshot.
  • Butcher Zombies: Zombies that throw cleavers and explode on death, reccomended to keep moving while you fight them.
  • Cargo Zombies: Rolls barrels and explodes on death. Hard to avoid if youre focused.
  • Runner Zombies: Extremely annoying zombies that will run and jump.
  • Vomit Zombies: Zombies that will vomit gas and will not die on headshot. Only avoided by crouching or staying away. Will jump if headshotted.
  • Stripper Zombies: Normal zombies but with whips. Do not underestimate the range.
  • Cop Zombies: Zombies that shoot at you sometimes. Duck or jump over the bullets.
  • Military Zombies: Zombies completely impervious to headshots, Will fire a Thompson that can only be avoided by jumping, usually.
  • Football Zombie: Runs at you and knocks you over frequent. High health.

Those are the zombies I’ve encountered so far.


The second biggest enemies in the game.

  • Bat Goons: Swings around a bat and charges at you. Very simple to kill.
  • Wrench Goons: Higher damage goons, Still will charge at you and are simple to kill.
  • Revolver goons: Shoots a gun and occasionally throws grenades. Will duck behind cover if applicable.
  • Higher level goons: A little bit higher damage, little more health.
  • Shielder: Completely impervious to all damage that isnt explosive, Kick to get damage in. Very low health.

Those are the humans ive encountered so far.


Guide to weapons.

  • Default Pistol: Low damage, extremely useful for headshots, Inf ammo.
  • Revolver: High damage, more useful in boss fights and against tougher zombies.
  • Double Barrel: High damage, good for runner zombies and tight spots.
  • Pump Shotgun: Low damage, useful sometimes.
  • Thompson: High ammo capacity, Medium Damage and will completely stop zombies in their tracks.
  • Flamethrower: Extremely high damage weapon with low ammo all around. Useful for anything.
  • Grenade: High damage, explodes anything around.
  • Molotov: Burns anything, as useful as the grenade.
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