GUTTER: The Cursed – Tips

Gameplay Tips

Save often, in multiple slots if possible. Save in a different slot before you attempt any ending, especially when the game prompted on no point of return.

The game is focused on doing quests. If you have issues with some of the fights, feel free to come back to it later.

You can earn money consistently by doing quests. If you are inpatient, you can go to Wild Casino in West Uptown to earn extra money, although it might take time and luck to get a lot of money.

Focus on upgrading your character, Kiddo. Some party members might leave you in one of the endings.

Maximum level is 15. You don’t need to grind to reach it.

Try not to kill store NPC if they sell some items that you like. All quests can be postponed as long as you want, as long as you don’t kill the quest giver.

Try not to spend too much money early game. You need 20000 copper for one of the achievements. Once you get that amount, check the LHC ending section and finish your business with that (there is 1 missable achievement regarding to this). You’ll be able to freely spend your money afterward.

This guide will focus on finishing everything before unlocking the endings. This will guarantee you to get enough money to gear up for the final fights (if available).

Blind, bleed, and burn are some of the best status ailments in the game. Kiddo can blind with WSD, Kiddo and Securo 303 can bleed with WAD (low chance), and Kiddo and Anna can equip Flaming Chainsaw which has a chance to burn. Fall (stun) is also a good one. Anna’s DSDS and Kiddo’s WAWA can do the job most of the time whenever you have to fight a lot of enemies.

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