Hades 2 – Boon Chart Guide (Duo’s and Legendaries)

Boon Chart

In Hades 2, you need certain boons before you can get duo and legendary boons from gods. It works the same as in Hades 1. Some regular boons also have requirements, like a Poseidon boon that makes Slip stronger only showing up if you already have something that causes Slip.

The chart has a row for each god. The main 5 boons – Strike, Flourish, Ring, Dash/Sprint, and Gain – are listed without the god names to keep it short. The other special boons have their full names. The last 3 columns show what you need for the legendary boon.

For example, on Poseidon’s row, you just need his Slippery Slope boon to get the duo with Zeus. For Poseidon’s legendary boon, you need either his Strike or Flourish, plus both Slippery Slope and Crashing Wave.

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