Hades – Tips for Megs

I beat her once and then I explored the new area. Now every time I get back to her though she seems stronger. New attacks, ect.

How to Beat Megs

So this is kinda the beginning of the game loop. The bosses will power up and begin to change tactics after you continue to beat them in your runs. Your main sources of powering up in the start of the game is going to be from levelling up your mirror with Darkness.

Focus on going for the meta currency room rewards (keys, darkness, nectars) if possible while you’re still learning Tartarus/Meg fight, and level up your mirror as you see fit. I highly recommend saving for 2 Death Defiances, and Greater Reflex before anything else if you don’t have them. 3 Ranks of Chthonic Vitality is also only 70 darkness, and will provide you some decent sustained healing through Tartarus.

Additionally, if you are still using the sword, I would recommend using some keys to unlock the shield and/or bow depending on which suits your playstyle more. The sword is a great weapon, but also inherently unsafe compared to the bow/shield.

If you’re still struggling through, turning on Godmode is not a big deal. You can toggle it on/off at will, and it will not disable achievements/progression/unlocks/etc at any point whether it was toggled on or off. Nothing wrong with popping it on to get your footing, then taking it off when you feel like it’s starting to click.

And if you want a semi-spoiler give people at least 1 Nectar when you meet them/as you have them to spare, it will help immensely. Start with Cerberus, Skelly, and a few to your gods of choice during your runs.

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