Half-Life 2 – How Leave City-17 at the First Chapter

On this guide i’m Going to teach you how to get out of city 17 on the first Chapter!

How Leave City-17

Arrive on City-17 and go to the first time you see the citadel

Welcome, Welcome to city-17. we need to go over here, and then turn right to continue.

Cross the Grid and then go left

We need to cross this grid and then we are going to turn left.

Time to get out

You see those Soldiers? We need one of them.

We need to stay on this dumb like one foot on it and the other foot on the air (see photo).

Now you see those details of the map?, we are going to fall over them.

Now, Call the attention of this guard and let him to beat you WHILE you are on the dump and Crouching.

At the moment he hits you, you have to be pressing “w” button and dont stop Crouching, if that happens you will fly up. on that moment you have to move to land on the details of the map like this.

Then just go forward over the details and try to fall over the combine APC (the car).

On that moment you are free to go! so congratulations!

I dont want to leave City-17 anymore.

Why would you like to stay on this city!? Anyway if you want to get back you have to walk next to the APC and let a combine beat you, if you did well you will be teleported next to the dump I mentioned.

Created by BoxDrip Joe

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