Half-Life: Alyx – Full Achievement Guide

A full, comprehensive guide to getting every achievement in Half Life Alyx.

100% Achievement Guide

This is going to be a basic guide on every single achievement in Half Life Alyx. There are many videos on this very thing, but I wanted to make something easily accessible while in VR. There may be spoilers in this guide. I will not be covering achievements you are guaranteed to get just by playing through the game, like those related to completing certain chapters.

Easy / Straightforward Achievements

These aren’t big enough to warrant their very own section, so I’ll just do a quick fire section for all of them.

Up In Arms

Go to a Combine Fabricator and install a pistol upgrade, resin sold separately.

Dead Giveaway

Pick up something off a corpse.

Safe Trip

Trip Mines do not have to be exploded to get through them, you can alternatively hack them to disable them.

Xen Lootism

To do this all you need to do is snatch a Xen grenade from those weird little xen arm things. You have to be quick for this otherwise they will close their hand and you won’t be able to grab them for a second or two.

Chapter 1 – Entanglement

Good Grub

Shortly after the opening sequence where you talk to Eli, you’ll find a room with a snark in a tank. You’re going to want to grab the container of food and shake it upside down above the snark tank, and you’ll get the achievement.

On a Roll

Shortly before reaching Russell’s lab, you’ll find a playground. The achievement is a little misleading in that you don’t have to just randomly slap around the playground, you have to take the bucket laying on the ground and roll it down the slide.

Eye of the Geiger

For this one you’ll find a Geiger counter on a shelf in Russell’s lab. Take the Geiger counter and hold it up to Russell, the achievement should unlock.

Little Slugger

In Russell’s lab there will be a miniature figurine of a baseball player. When Russell asks you to represent yourself on the map with an object, use the figurine for this and you’ll have unlocked the achievement.

Gnome Vault of My Own

This is perhaps the hardest achievement in the game, and it all starts here in chapter one. When you’re first testing the gravity gloves, there will be a gated off section in the direction of the window Russell is looking out of. On a couch behind it there will be a gnome. For this achievement you have to bring that gnome all the way to the vault at the end of the game, similar to the gnome in Half Life 2 Episode 2.


All you have to do for this is catch the magazine Russell throws to you before it hits the ground. You can do this manually or with the gravity gloves.

Chapter 7 – Jeff

Near-Jeff Experience

All you have to do for this achievement is to stay close to Jeff for 10 seconds. My strategy was to distract him with a bottle and then stand behind him, works a treat. It also helps to do it in the room that you find the 3 battery cells in, it’s quite compact and there are a lot of places where you can stay close to Jeff. Caution: Might (and probably will) result in death.

Crustacean Frustration

When you get to the narrow corridor with gates on both sides in chapter 7, there will be a headcrab that knocks over a ton of bottles and objects, alerting Jeff. If you kill the headcrab before it knocks over anything, you’ll unlock the achievement.

Hold Your Liquor

In the section where you have to find the 3 power cells, there will be a lot of cupboards and cabinets. When opening one of the cupboards, a bottle will roll out of it. All you have to do is catch the bottle and you’ve got the achievement.

Team Spirit

In Chapter 7 just put a bottle of vodka in one of your wrist slots and carry it through the rest of the chapter into chapter 8. You might have to take it all the way to the end of the game (which is what I did), I’ve not tested it myself.

Sound Strategy

At the end of the chapter you need to trap Jeff in the trash compactor and then close the door. Leave without activating it and you’ll have unlocked this achievement.

Flat Note

This is basically just like Sound Strategy, but instead now you hit the button to kill him in the trash compactor.

General Achievements

Mazel Tov

Self Explanatory, all you have to do is smash a ton of glass bottles.

Smash and Grab

Break open a supply crate with your bare hands. Supply crates are those little wooden crates with a yellow label. This is easily done by smashing them on the ground.

Freshly Squeezed

When you first run into Gary the Vortigaunt, there will be a bunch of headcrabs and headcrab hearts laying around. Take one of the headcrab hearts and squeeze it like you would one of the soda cans.


This one can be a little bit tricky, you have to shoot the propane tank off the back of the white combine soldiers while they’re alive.

Combine Harvester

During a fight, find a combine soldier who is carrying something on their body and snatch it from them before killing them.

Deadliest Catch

Requires no explanation, just catch a grenade a combine throws at you.

Indirect Approach

To kill a combine heavy while their shields are up, best way is with a well placed grenade behind them.

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